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MR is a bitch! Still protuberant although it has gotten better. Still look flat and not swollen but my doctor could have done better with the dog ears Also my hips are now accumulating fat in places where there wasn't any before. In... READ COMMENT

So how is everyone feeling now? Looks like the swelling is gone from my life. My overall experience is that I would not do this again. It takes too long to recover and I just had too much to do so those 10 days off we're not enough. READ COMMENT

You are not! And all you will ever hear from doctors and others, is that it will take time and that it is different for every one. It was so bad for me at the beginning that I just stopped exercising and didn't watch my food intake, it... READ COMMENT

There are a few of us who aren't fully recovered this far along. I will be 12 weeks on Friday and still not at my best. my muscle repair is really hard and it looks like I have a beer belly that wasn't there before. I am the same as you... READ COMMENT

I have been thinking the same, my case was pretty much excess skin, which I can still kind of see and the only difference is that the bulge in my lower abdomen is gone and that I can actually see a belly button now, maybe we had really... READ COMMENT