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31yr Old Mom of 5 ;) Small C Wanting to Be a DD - Austin, TX

Ok so I have been on this site for months and I just want to thank all of you! So here I go with my story. I'm a 31yr old mother of 5. I have breast fed everyone of them. I have wanted a BA for so many years. I have a full B small C now. I'm looking to be a DD. I have been on the web doing so much research and reading so many reviews. I finally decided to go for it. I am 215lbs 5'4, I know... READ MORE

Questions from Mandymae

What implant is best for perkiness/fullness? Saline or silicone? And is 500cc really big for a person like me?

Hi. I'm a mom of 5 and have no fullness. I was told I need a full lift. I'm a full 38B small C. What implant will give me the most fullness/perkiness? And is a 500cc implant to... READ MORE

Will a 500cc implant be too big for my size? What implant will give me the most perkiness/fullness, saline or silicone? (Photo)

I'm a mom of 5. I'm 5'4 230lbs I'm a full 38B small C & I want to be a full DD. Will a 500cc implant b to big for the size I am already?Which implant will give me the most... READ MORE

I'm afraid of going too small. Will a 475cc implant be too big? (Photo)

Hi again. I'm 5'4 230lbs and I'm a small C cup. I need a full lift and the PS I saw says 450cc is perfect. After thinking about it I'd rather be bigger then be upset I went to... READ MORE

I found out I have the mutation of the Factor 5 gene can I still have a BA?

Hi I am 31 yrs old I have had 5 C-sections, gallbladder surgery with no issues never even knew I had this until I found my birth fam and found out they have it. I then got... READ MORE

Are sizers accurate?

Hi I'm a 38full B and I loved how the 450cc's implants looked in the doctors office. The nurse then told me if I like the 450cc's I need to go 475cc's that being said how... READ MORE

What pain medications will I be given after my breast augmentation and lift?

Hi ;) one of my friends just had her BA done and she said the dr did not give her any pain meds just told her to take over the counter pain meds. I'm now freakin out there is... READ MORE

Hp vs moderate plus? (Photo)

Hi ;). I am thinking about getting 500cc implant under the muscle and it's going to b saline . I am also getting a lollipop lift. At first I was set on mod+ implants but now... READ MORE

Can u take Cephalexin a week b4 surgery?

So I told my girlfriend in California about this site, and we were talking. I just saw my dr for pre op for my breast augmentation surgery. My dr said no meds two weeks b4. My... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, I can feel and weird sensation in right breast. Is this normal? (photos)

I just had my BA&BL on May 29th.I have 600cc in left breast and 450cc in right. I have saline. A week after my surgery I noticed a weird feeling inside it was so hard to... READ MORE

Recent comments from Mandymae

Hi ;) I sure hope so lol. So ur saying I should start walking or go back to gym? I've gained weight not being active. I'm willing to do anything to get back into shape and heal faster. I do know I love to work out!! ;) xox READ COMMENT

Hey u! I haven't been on here for a few days. Ur to sweet but no joke I love urs better. Everyone keeps telling me that I look natural and the shape is natural but the funny thing is, is I didn't want the natural look. I wanted the fake... READ COMMENT

Aww thank u!! It really means a lot when people pray for me. So thankfully everything went well at the drs. He said it's looking good he did say he could see why I was worried but that it's white because we are keeping it moist with the... READ COMMENT

Thank u! Urs prayers mean a lot! Yes thank god everything was ok he said. He said that that's my body healing. He did see what I was worried about and said for a non doctor it does look like it could be puss :// but it's not it's just... READ COMMENT

Aww thanks girl! How r u? Ok so dr said everything looks as it should and that it's just like that because ok keeping it moist because of the neosporin. He said it will all be fine thank God! READ COMMENT