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Does sliding genioplasty add vertical height?

I've done some comp research on this but it all yields different results. Some say that with the angle the chin is located, sliding the chin forward (only horizontally) will... READ MORE

Can the bottom jaw be moved to the left/right? Could someone explain this procedure in layman's terms? Thank you so much!(Photo)

So I'm getting jaw surgery in two months, and I figured that I should fix my midline in addition to moving my bottom jaw forward. I see posts on forums that claim that their... READ MORE

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I'm just gonna post this publicly for future ppl who want to go with Dr. sawatari... this is basically sorta a copy/paste of my personal replies to nenalablue and dazedandconfused because I'm in a rush rn and I can't type up something... READ COMMENT

Oops sorry! i didn't see this until now!! :( READ COMMENT

I'm having surgery with Dr. Sawatari in two months. Message me privately and we can share what we know! READ COMMENT