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Ethnic rhinoplasty in Manila

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25 Feb 2017, Created 5 months ago

Eric Yapjuangco

5 out of 5 stars

My experience with Dr. Yappy was amazing. He is honest straight forward and gives realistic expecations. His clinic and operating room are clean and sterile environment. While waiting for a check up I even saw a cleaning business arrive. I've never seen that before at a dr office. He is literally the master of ethic rhinoplasty in the world if you ask me. There is no one would have been... READ MORE

Treatment Review

Thrilla In Manilla


25 Feb 2017, Updated 5 months ago

I have never been a fan of my piggy nose. I've been to afraid to let anyone touch my face. That's my precious. As an adult it's never been a source of worry. But after a few other procedures I started to consider it more and more. 2 friends of mine found Dr. Yappy and told me about his work in... READ MORE

32JJ Have Taken their roll & it's Time for them to Go - Sugar Land, TX

I have made the decision to reduce these massive fun bags on my chest. The pain they cause has become unbearable. And I have made the choice to go to Dr. Horndeski. I'm terrified becuSe my boobs have been my babies my who,e life. I have seen his work and flew to Texas along with a friend for a consult. I'm still terrified. I pray the lord eases my soul. Well I just got done crying. I'm... READ MORE

Future Almonte Doll Getting Her body right - Dominican Republic

So it's official I'm taking this flabby body to the Dominican Republic to get my fat back sucked out and and my waist snatched to the gawds. After seeing my girlfriend come back ok from the dr she chose in Santo Domingo. I've been eating right and exercising not as hard as I should have but to no avail I. Don't have the results that I want and I'm not afraid to get this done and cheat a... READ MORE

Ceramic Braces on Top at 31 in Long Island - North Babylon, NY

I'm glad I went against what everyone was saying. Your teeth are fine don't waste your money your smile is great what are you even complaining about. Being honest I didn't have anything to complain about per se but my overbite from sucking my finger as a kid didn't bother me but I said hey you have good dental coverage y not use it. So the journey began at the worst location in Long Island.... READ MORE

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