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"Aegyo Sal" Dr. Philip Young, Bellevue, WA

I am considering getting a filler/Fatgrafting under the eye area... I want to share my journey because there is no one that has talked about this new Korean trend called "Aegyo Sal" I have not gotten my procedure yet, but have only talked over email with Dr. Young himself. I was actually surprised that the doctor directly contacted me.. It is usually the front staff members that contact you... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Cheeks & Jaw Athenix Body Sculpting Institute - Bellevue, WA

I recently did a facial fat transfer on June 10, 2014. When I was younger I made a mistake of taking out my buccal fat because I had big cheeks, but little did I know that it was all baby fat. SO I WOULD LIKE TO TELL EVERYONE... PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUT BUCCAL FAT UNLESS YOU ARE AT LEAST 40+ years old. Anyways I wanted to give you guys my day to day updates... hopefully this will be useful to... READ MORE

Questions from hannalee86

Fat transfer after buccal fat removal, which I regret, and jaw reduction. Will scars in mouth affect fat transfer?

I had buccal fat and jaw reduction 6 years ago. I like the jaw reduction, but regret the buccal fat removal. Due to the surgeries I have scars inside my mouth they both did... READ MORE

Recently had a FAT TRANSFER to face, can I take growth hormone supplements? It's called SeroVital. And does SeroVital work?

I had fat transfer to cheeks and jaw area, I bought a growth hormone supplement called SeroVital. Will this affect my fat transfer in any way. I had the fat transfer 2 months... READ MORE

Retin A for under eye wrinkles. Giving me more wrinkles than I had before. Why is this happening?

I am 29 years old and I am so worried. I have been using Retin A for my small under eye wrinkles for about 6 months and I look worse than before. My wrinkle was not even... READ MORE

Breast implants 375cc: will this be a full C-Cup?

Hello, I had my breast implants 3 days ago.. I am sad because they don't look as big as I thought they would be. I am afraid after the swelling goes down my breast will look... READ MORE

Will the swelling from the surgery affect my final breast size after my breast augmentation, or will it be similar?

I am 1wk post of for my breast augmentaiton. I currently like the size I am now, but I understand that there is a lot of swelling still to determine my final breast size. I was... READ MORE

How much would it cost for breast augmentation revision if I want to go bigger? I'm smaller than I expected.

I was 34A pre-op 5.4 / 112lbs had 375cc silicone implant - 1 week post op I know that it is really early, but I am sure that I want to go a cup size bigger. I want to put in... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation 4 weeks post op. Can I wear a wired push up bra just for 8 hours?

I understand that I am not able to wear a wired bra for 6 weeks or is it 6 months? I was wondering if I could just wear one for 8 hours at an event. My breast do not hurt, but... READ MORE

Right breast is still a lot smaller than my left breast 3 months after breast implants. Is this normal after 3 months?

3 months post op breast augmentation. 375cc both sides silicone but my right breast is a lot smaller than my left. I mean about 1 inch smaller. Is this normal after 3months?... READ MORE

Retin A and Microdermabrasion; left with little thin wrinkles?

Retin A gave me wrinkles under my eye and cheek area. I am 30 years old. I used prescription retin A for my under eye area for a few weeks,now I am left w/ little thin wirnkles... READ MORE

Recent comments from hannalee86

What from Obaji Nu Derm are you using the lotion or.... READ COMMENT

I had the same problem with retin A. did the Obaji Nu Derm really work. what are the main ingredients? READ COMMENT

It has been 2 years and I still have the fat !!! Fat grafting actually makes you look younger.. because it is your own fat. I was 27 for my first fat transfer.. now I am 29!! READ COMMENT

I had to do 3 fat transfers.. you can't get the result that you want from just your first fat transfer.. because there is limit that they can put in or the fat will not survive. It has been 2 years and the results are still here. Hope... READ COMMENT

OMgoodness I felt the same way . I literally cried my self to sleep. My husband told me that my face looked long. But to tell you the truth you are not going to get the results you want from your 1st fat transfer.. you are going to at... READ COMMENT