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How can I aid wound healing and prevent infection after BA revision? What creams or dressings would you recommend at this stage?

Hi Doctors, I am 7 days post op Revision Breast Augmentation. Last night I noticed a small amount of blood mixed with fluid on my dressing. I visited my PS today he said the... READ MORE

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Hiya yes I am 2 weeks post op and I shooting pains and morning boob. Someone else also posted shooting pains and apparently this is normal in the healing process. READ COMMENT

It's a good sign that its not oozing. But I understand super annoying as well. They will most probably treat it conservatively as it looks just superficial honey. Good luck and keep us updated. READ COMMENT

Hi Tracey Is it oozing? Or it it just a spot that is healing slowly?. I think it's best if you put this out for a Doctors Question then add your picture. I would put an antibiotic ointment on I see it has worked for many ladies on with... READ COMMENT

Morning Tracey, how are you feeling. I am day 7 post op and I noticed a slight ooze on my dressing, I removed the mepore which has a 5p size fluid. I could remove the steristrip as they are hard to get off. There is no redness or pain... READ COMMENT

Thank you for the reassurance I appreciate it. Also thanks for sharing your story as well. Looking forward to the next update great to see the progress you have made. READ COMMENT