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I've consulted with a bunch of miami PS and can't decide between these 2. I read some scary reviews on Salzhauer but he has been so nice and caring with all my back and forth questions. I get the impression that Epstein is better but I have read a few bad reviews too - I'm afraid that if I go with him and something does go wrong that i'll feel "duped". Epstein's quote is almost double... READ MORE

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Can anything more be done to make my tip less pointing down/drooping? (photos)

My doctor scheduled a touch up rhinoplasty after the first didn't come out as planned. The tip still looks droopy/pointing down in his proposed "after" image for this touch up.... READ MORE

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Wow I can't believe it exact same thing happened to me and I'm shooting myself that I didn't RUN the second I didn't like his imaging ! The main thing I noticed about Epstein is that he does not rotate the tips up enough which leave the... READ COMMENT

Omg another bad Epstein rhino patient??!! I feel so stupid that i didn't realize any of these before I went with him! So sorry u are going through this . You are not alone unfortunately. READ COMMENT

Omg my dream nose! Love it! You are so lucky you picked the right dr. Who delivers beautiful results like this the first time around!! This is perfection IMO - when the overall shape fits and looks beautiful on ur face , then the tiny... READ COMMENT

Hi girls I'm going to post one more comment for now but I don't think I'm going to continue going back and forth as I am currently completely drained from this whole experience... I am just not ready to have my pictures floating around... READ COMMENT

I probably will eventually - i'm first waiting to see how it all plays out... READ COMMENT