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What an amazing result! Glad it changed your life! Question: How long/how many hours did the surgery last? Thank you READ COMMENT

Thank you. I'm not comfortable with sharing photos, but I also think I look much older. I think you're right, the asymmetry and the unnatural shadow lines make the face look very different. READ COMMENT

Thank u for this review, it is very helpful. I also had a consultation with Dr. Le and I felt the same way about him, although I was immediately sure he is a very good doctor, if not the best. I have a question for you. I have an... READ COMMENT

It looks like the surgery was a succes! I'm so happy for you. Your surgeon did a great job. You look like your old self again! I'm glad you feel you have your life back! That must be wonderful! READ COMMENT

Hi, I'm kind of going through the same thing you are... I'm still doing research. So far, I did consult 6 doctors, but only one surgeon is qualified for doing my revision, I think. In my case, the surgeon has to fix a hanging columella,... READ COMMENT