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Dr. Asaria Review - Toronto, ON

I've been to Dr.Asaria before as he did my dimplasty which was a great turn out by the way. Also, I just left his office today from injecting filler into the hollow area under my eyes to get rid of the circles. He is a great dr and I strongly recommend him as he does a great job, and will not hesitate at providing re-assurance and any support that you may need. READ MORE

Questions from simk420

Does Restylene injected into the under eye hollows move south or does 100% of it stay in the under eye hollow region?

Do you guys knows if when Restylene is injected into the under eye hollows; does the product ever move south or does all 100% of it stays in the under eye hollow region?... READ MORE

How can I get clear skin, great texture, and get rid of redness, without using any Lasers?

Hi, I've heard all the horror stories with lasers. I'm looking for an alternative to get rid of freckles, sun damage, get clearer skin and overall improvement of skin texture.... READ MORE

What cream or gel with Retin-A do you recommend for eyes? The skin is oily & sensitive.

Im a 28-year-old male. Im starting to notice superficial fine lines around my under eye region. I've researched that eye products with Retin-A is the best treatment for aiding... READ MORE

Fat Transfer- What are the chances of survival in the under-eye hollow region?

Ive had fat transfer dne to the undereye hollows apprx 10yrs ago. Lng stry shrt; the fat did not survive & was bak to square 1. Futher, I noticed tht some of the fat had went... READ MORE

Can I get fat transfer to cover the entire dark circle hollow area? Can the amount of fat reach the cheek height/volume? (photo)

Im allotted limitd chrctrs to write; so here it goes: - Advancd wrning, pics r Vry unflttring but im shwcasng d areas in question - Othr ? i hav is; Wat % of fat will srvive?... READ MORE

Discussions started by simk420

What product do you suggest for the eyes which contain Retin-A?

I don't know of any products with Retin-A for the eyes. Am in need, any suggestions would help. A little about me:- 28-yr old, starting to notice superficial fine lines under... READ MORE

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Am looking forward to ur progress. All the best! Im looking to perhaps get under eye fat transfer because it's quite depressed under there READ COMMENT

Wow, u look great, and so much younger! you look like a whole different person compared to pre-op. Thanks for posting pics. READ COMMENT

Looks amazing. wish u a speedy recovery :) READ COMMENT

Thats very informing. Thank you for that READ COMMENT

Thanks for the warning, appreciated. Good to know READ COMMENT