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Cosmetic Procedures to Get Rid of Strong Underarm Odors?

Are any kind of cosmetic procedures to get rid of strong underarm odors? Since, I started puberty, I started having a strong odor under my arms which it hard to keep under... READ MORE

Cosmetic Procedures to Get Rid of Blood Clots?

What causes blood clots and are there any cosmetic procedures to get rid of them? I've had a blood clot on my lower left leg since I was born. READ MORE

What Surgical Procedures Will Correct Weird Shaped Breasts?

My breasts are the same (B-cup) size, but they have a weird shape, and my areolas and nipples are big. They are droopy, crooked, v-shaped breasts. My left breast is slightly... READ MORE

Procedure Fix Tuberous Breasts on a 20 Year Old?

What's my ptosis degree? I have no children. I'm 20 years old. READ MORE

Are my Breasts Considered "Tuberous"?

Are my breasts are considered "tuberous breasts"? This how my breasts developed as a teen. I'm now 20 years old and my breasts never been super perky. I'm a virgin... READ MORE

How Will Breasts Look Like After a Lift, then Have Children?

I am considering a breast lift; but what will happen if I have a breast lift and I might have a child or children unplanned? How will my breasts will look, will they look... READ MORE

Are There Any Dallas Surgeons Experienced in Scarless Breast Lift?

Are there any Board Certifed Plastic Surgeons in Dallas, TX are experience in Total Breast Pedicle Technique for Mastopexy/Breast Lift or Endoscopic Assisted/Scarless Breast... READ MORE

Will Gaining Weight Affect Results of Breast Lift?

I'm considering recieving a breast lift one day. If I have a breast lift done and what happen if I gain weight? Will my breasts will become more round, even, and proportionate... READ MORE

Can Eating Disorders Affect Breast Development?

I'm 20 years old and I want to know the condition of my breasts in shape, condition, and ptotis grade. When I was 13-14, I suffered from weight phobia issue; I lost 30lbs... READ MORE

Cost of Breast Lift For True Ptosis Breasts In Dallas, TX?

What is the cost of Breast Lift (without Implants) For True Ptosis Breasts In Dallas Tx. I really don't feel doing like researching for tons of plastic surgeons for board... READ MORE

Are There Any Permanent Solutions to Get Rid of Undereye Bags and Bromhidrosis?

Are there any permanent solutions to get rid of undereye bags and bromhidrosis (not hyperhidrosis)? I have undereye bags due to genetic and allergies. They never went away. READ MORE

Is the Results of BRAVA Breast Enhancement Permanent?

Back in 2004, I heard about revoluntionary breast enhancement called BRAVA that increase breast size without surgery or implants. I never heard about it again. Is the results... READ MORE

Botox for Temporary Non Surgical Breast Lift Procedure?

I remembered years ago, I watched a talk show that brought plastic surgeons as guests on their show. A plastic surgeon gave a patient botox to her saggy breasts, and her... READ MORE

Can You Tell the Difference Between Natural Prominent Curvy Buttocks Vs Microfat Augmented Buttocks from Brazilian Butt Lift?

Can people autually tell the difference between natural prominent curvy buttocks vs microfat augmented curvy buttocks from brazilian butt lift? I notice ppl who get brazilian... READ MORE

Do People Consider Plastic Surgery Procedures "Fake"?

I know many ppl considered breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facial plastic surgey (such as nose job/or rhinplasty), liposuction, ab etching, buttock augmentation, and use of... READ MORE

How Long Does Recovery Last for a Breast Lift?

I'm 162lbs and around 38B-29 1/2-42 and 5'6 1/2 in height. I'm full B cup or baby C cup in my breasts. How long the recovery takes? What breast lift proceduce is... READ MORE

What Options Should I Considered for my Undereye Bags?

I been having noticable undereye bags since I was 8 or 9. I wasted tons of money on eye creams such as Clean & Clear Undereye Stick, Hydroxatone, St. Ives Cumcumber gel,... READ MORE

Age 21. Options for Under Eye Treatments?

Which condition do I have, under eye bags, tear trough deformity, under eye puffiness, or dark circles? What are the difference between under eye bags, tear trough deformity,... READ MORE

It a Good Idea to Get Artefill on Tear Trough Deformity?

I went to the Northpark mall and this register nurse who worked at a spa (in the mall) recommended for me to get artefill on the undereyes. Do you agree artefill under the eyes... READ MORE

Does a Breast Lift Decrease the Size of the Breast Slightly?

Well one day I want a breast lift, but I wondered oes a breast lift decrease the size of the breast slightly? Do I really need breast implants?  READ MORE

Can a Patient Who Had Fat Injections Under the Eye, Gain Weight in That Area?

Can a patient who had fat injections under the eye, ends up gain weight in the under eye area? READ MORE

What Are the Negative Consequences of Having Liposuction or Brazilian Butt Lift

What are the negative consequences of having liposuction, breast lift, breast implants, injections to under the eye, or brazilian butt lift that plastic surgeons normally... READ MORE

What Are the Possible Degradation or Discretion of Joining This Myfreeimplants.com?

I'm thinking about joining myfreeimplants.com to afford my breast lift with implants one day. Do you recommend this funding and what are the possible degradation or... READ MORE

Do You Recommend a Patient with Thrombocythemia or Thrombocytosis to Get Plastic Surgery?

Back in April 2011, I find out I was diagnosed with essential thrombocythemia and thrombocytosis. I have over million and hundred thousand blood platelets. One day, I'm 21... READ MORE

Do Belly Bandit or Medical Grade Compression Tummy Belly Belts Work For Stretch Marks?

Does Belly Bandit or Medical Grade Compression Tummy Belly Belts works? Kourtney Kardashian claims this helped her stomach down after her pregnancy. Does this device avoid... READ MORE

Are Their Any Spot Reduction Procedures That Do Not Kill the Fat Cells?

Hi I'm just wondering are their any spot reduction procedures that do not kill the fat cells in the body similar to liposuction (which kills fat cells)? I want to gain... READ MORE

Do all Plastic Surgery Treatments Require a lot of Upkeep?

I read women have to get their breast implants replace every 15 years. People have to get their veneers replace every 10-20 years. For example, let say I had a Brazilian Butt... READ MORE

Miradry for Severe Bromhidrosis?

I have severe Bromhidrosis and I do not have Hyperhidrosis. I been having this condition since I was 12. So far Secret Clinical Strength deodrant works well for me to cover the... READ MORE

Are my breasts are considered wide set? Besides a breast lift can fat grafting improved it? What cause the wide set look?

I am a 38dd and I do not look like it due to the gap and lack of fullness in the center. I do not want breast implants. READ MORE

Can Brava system alone transform breasts from wide set to close set?

I am not expecting Brava to enhance the breasts size but asking can it improve shape and narrow the gap. READ MORE

What is a dermal (bra) suspension breast lift? Cost range, and plastic surgeons in Dallas who perform this procedure?

To see how my breasts currently look good look at the question I asked about on wide-set breasts. A plastic surgeon on this site recommend me to have this procedure. READ MORE

Would Zerona or Vasershape will make my weight loss/gain more proportionate if I receive the treatments?

I like Vasershape and Zerona doesn't kill fat cells. I am a hourglass that is proportionate to the front. However side profile I have a pudgy stomach that is boxy and bigger... READ MORE

What's the best Non-Surgical Liposuction/fat reduction treatment out there and which one is the cheapest?

I heard Sculpsure and Coolsculpting is the best out there. How is they are different from each other? Besides the stomach and flanks, can my arms and under my chin get treated?... READ MORE

I am considering Sculpsure on my arms, back, love handles/flanks, whole abs. How many app need for each area and cost?

I female who is 5'7 and weight around 195Ibs, large body structure, hourglass shape. My measurements are 38DD-35-45. My BMI is 30.6. I have 33.5 Body fat percentage. My torso... READ MORE

What are celebrity secrets after pregnancy? Besides genetics & photoshop, I noticed a lack of stretch marks/loose skin after bab

I noticed many of the celebrities don't appear to have tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck so what is the common non-invasive procedures do they get to permanent to prevent or get... READ MORE

Which Non-Surgical Liposuction is the better, Vanquish or Sculpsure?

Please do not answer traditional liposuction. I am not interested in it. I researched Sculpsure is cheaper and better than Coolsculpting. I researched Sculpsure required less... READ MORE

What category is non-surgical liposuction/fat reduction? Is it consider non invasive cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery?

I consider non invasive procedures like chemical peels, laser tattoos removal, laser resurfacing, laser hair removal, teeth whitening, cool laser, and microdermabrasion. I see... READ MORE

Why do more plastic surgeons not offer implant free internal bra breast lifts like Dr. Becker in Florida?

Dr. Becker is known for scarless breast lift. His scars are around the areola but his breast lifts are use with internal bra. READ MORE

Why some women are naturally perky while others are not? Does it depend on the ratio of fatty tissues and glandular tissues?

I am not including pregnancy. Women who are perky have more glandular tissue than a woman who is saggy (more fatty tissue than glandular)? This why after breast lifts, the... READ MORE

What type of breast augmentation and type of breast implants Kim Kardashian has?

Kim K, Stacey Dash, Draya Michele, and Salma Hayek has the most realistic breast augmentation I ever saw. READ MORE

Why there no thigh augmentation that make thighs thicker especially the quadriceps and hamstrings?

In Brazil, plastic surgeons inject hydrogel into the quads to make the legs thick. I am so tired seeing women with fake big butts (whether it butt implants, BBL, or illegal... READ MORE

How do you all feel about the refine breast lift? How much would the refine breast lift cost without adding a breast lift?

I am considering trying this before I pay for actual breast lift. How much the Refine Breast Lift Cost Without Adding An Actual Breast Lift? READ MORE

Can dermaroller and silicone sheets reduce the appearance of stretch marks?

Or laser treatments and chemical peels are the only way to reduce stretch marks? READ MORE

Can I get a quality breast lift in Dominican Republic? Are their breast lifting techniques outdated?

Can I get a price range for a breast lift in Dominican Republic? Can I get a guide to see they are board certified? Can I get references how properly investigate the plastic... READ MORE

Can I get my nipples and areolas removed and reconstruction after a sexual assault?

I was sexual pure I was planning to be that way until I give that someone I love. However December 11, 2015, that was taken away from me. My male friend of 7 years sexual... READ MORE

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Are his techniques are update to day like American surgeons and how much a breast lift alone cost? It seems like every Breast Lift review from Dominican Republic include implants READ COMMENT

Thank you for telling us about the bellaire site. I am considering doing it myself instead of seeing a professional. It's expensive but you can save thousands. However, I will not risk my face. I will leave that to the professionals. READ COMMENT

I am not gay but your breasts look perfect now. You're the proportionate, please don't ever consider a breast reduction or liposuction. I wish they offer gala internal bra breast lift in Dallas. Your areolas wasn't reduce. I am afraid... READ COMMENT

What ptosis you was before? READ COMMENT