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How long do I have to wait to have another Breast Reduction? (photo)

It has been 1 and two wks Reason why u ask is b/ c I was DOUBLE DD and I wanted a B but the dr decided for me and give a D READ MORE

With a Breast Lift a horizontal line under the breast will have to be there, correct?

Reason why is because I want to make sure About it. I told my dr that I want I lift but not so much - and I remember he saying he did not do one because he did not want to... READ MORE

Why do sores tend to happen - i have one in My Right Breast

Can i use hydrogen peroxide after THE shower And them THE cream ? Tl help The healig process? READ MORE

What can I do to help with the weight until my Breast Reduction?

O know his Job Was beautiful. But THE thing hére is that THE way still make heavy For My back. I had two back surgiereis And now that i am much moré Mature i can verly t... READ MORE

It is true that breast lift can be done without the vertical incision?

Reason i ask is cuz when i went to see my dr her assistant told me that my breast was lift after i had told her that it did not - i know cuz i know my body and no lift has beeb... READ MORE

I had a breast lift and reduction five weeks ago. I was in so much pain after going food shopping yesterday. Is that normal?

It has beeb 5 weeks since - i went food shopping yesterday /pushing the car/ lifting the milk / soap/ afterwards i was in so much pain afterwards it was that normal ? It felst... READ MORE

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A reduction from 475 to 375cc,s I (they we're suppose to be smaller and also was suppose to get a lift but did not happens READ COMMENT

Thank you so much for all the information u r giving us .well It happens To me almost something similar - is been a mo and 2 was since I had my surgery , but I am not happy at all with it . Due to the fact that when I was able to... READ COMMENT