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I Think We Can Agree This Hack Job is 100 Xs Worse Than my Prior Ass - Baltimore, MD

This is what im left with 3.5 mths after cellulaze with a lil lipo to balance out sides of glutes and thighs. What a train wreck these surgeries were. One bad day! Least I didnt die..its a wonder . Well see in all the surgeries ill need to fix this Nightmare. Will take fat grafting from other parts of me ..n not even sure i have enough to fix it, then how hacked up will those parts gets.... READ MORE

Dont Think I Like This Product. Seems to Creep and Move and Disappear - Baltimore, MD

I feel like it moved out of my lips and didnt really stay around my eyes. Still love restylane more. Seems almost too soft and moves before it sticks. Not sure what else i can say but this wont let me post till i say more....ummm duhhhhh. Is that enough text yet lol. Oh look 31 more characters needed.. gezz waste of my time posting this one READ MORE

Def Buying More After First Bottle to Maintain - Beverly Hills, CA

I was desperate to have my eyes once again stand out, seem bright again and look alive. I heard of Latisse and thought id try it. I have been using it about 7 weeks at night. Forgot maybe 10 nights total in those weeks or couldnt because of travel. At first i wasnt seeing much difference. I felt like my eyelashes were kinda traumatized after a bad eye lift surgery..... week 5ish i really... READ MORE

Axillary Lipo - Maryland

Bad idea. Instead of a lil buldge now I have extra skin that I really don't think will retract. I have a kind of bat wing now under my arm toward my back. He ran the lipo into the back area somewhat. More on one side than the other. Now I have two very different sides back there squishing out at my bra line on top. One is full and looks pretty normal, the other is a skin flap. I have already... READ MORE

Cellulaze Back of Thighs and Outter Thighs - Maryland, MD

From what I'm seeing at 6 weeks I'd have to say it's going well. I keep reading where patients say they don't see results till months later, but I saw a difference right away. Could be lighting or always wearing compression, but I think it worked well for me. I want to do front and inner thigh, once im positive of my results and know that it works there as well. I had a lil lipo at the same... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck After 2 Children @ 36 - Baltimore, MD

I have always been in shape and worked out. Couldnt get my lower abs to get as flat as they were before having my 2nd child. Dr. Markman explained it was a muscle gap and surgery could correct this. Course was nice to have the extra skin off as well. I think I had 2inches by the looks of my belly button. Which I have to say looks a lot better than some celebrities belly buttons I see in Mags... READ MORE

Almost 46. Decided to Do Something for Me and Do a Freshen Up. Eyelift Surgery, Cellulaze, Axillary Lipo and Lil on Thighs. - MD

I'm still watching to see how cellulaze turns out. It may have helped. Idk yet. Lipo on one thigh seems fair, the other not so much. 1 month post op. Well see what needs touched up there. As for Axillary..Idk about that either. Just have to see how skin settles. Kind of a mess right now and keeping bandages wrapped around all the time def limits clothes. Good I have lots of zip up hoodies. The... READ MORE

Questions from gem202

Upper and lower eyelift surgery 2 weeks ago. Why are the incisions in different places? Does it mean I need a revision? (Photo)

Upper/Lower Eyelift Surgery 2wks ago. From day one I saw the incision was more straight out compared to other. Not sure they will heal looking the same because the incisions... READ MORE

I was never measured awake or marked prior to eyelift surgery. Is this normal? (Photo)

Is it normal to have no measurements prior to going under to have eyes done. I feel the same amount of skin was taken off both eyes with no account that one was way more than... READ MORE

Can a mini revision be done for now to get this mess on the left eye fixed? (photos)

Looks rough and isn't getting better. Worse with skin. 4 weeks out. Still seeing this will not heal as the other side. The incision is straight across, jagged and a 1/2... READ MORE

Looking for the best liposuction to even out glutes/saddle bag area from previous Cellulaze procedure.

Had a few procedures done at once since I had to take off work. No sick leave/vacation pay. I worked hard & saved to do something for me, I don't go out nor date. Focus on... READ MORE

Truthfully can these even be fixed? Don't know what was done to make them so unattractltive. I can barely function (Photo)

2 diff eye types now. Before they were symetrical. I'm looking/researching specialists. Obv. won't let this Dr. Touch eyes again. My 17yr old is an artist n could draw a better... READ MORE

East Coast Revision Eye lid Specialists?

Guess I'm flying to Cali in 5 mths. Afraid time will hollow more. Bracing myself READ MORE

Does fat grafting work In eye area? I'm told fillers under eyes are to be done ONCE only due to infection risks (photos)

I'll be researching away till my healing time is up. My point of getting this surgery was to stop putting foreign substances in my body. That worked out well. No, I won't just... READ MORE

Does eyelid surgery affect the glabellar area? (photos)

My glabellar area is heavy & wider after Blepharoplasty. Looks diff. Haven't had botox since Nov. Are muscles weakened or skin pulled tight so can't make the lines as easy? I... READ MORE

Lazy eyelid, sad/tired look, closed eye is a sign of muscle damage in lids? Does incision placement determine outcome? (photos)

Feel lIke there is a bit of a cluster umm mess here. From eyes cut short at sides, insides diff, lids diff, crease on one not really any on other, extra skin on 1 eye at outter... READ MORE

If there is still a difference between left and right thigh after Cellulaze do I have to wait 6 months and start all over?

I was getting cellulaze, so decided to even up my right thigh to match closer to what my left thigh/glut area looks like. This variance was from many years ago lipo. I waited a... READ MORE

Is this typical at 6 weeks after Auxiliary Liposuction? Will the skin contour to my body again? (photos)

Had Axillary done to lessen that area women hate. No matter how much body fat in lost seemed I'd have some of that. Is this a typical result? After I read it needs to be... READ MORE

After having a Banana roll removed there is little difference between my hamstring and glut. Did I need to have contouring done?

Told Dr. how I had a lil roll sometimes under my glutes, more right than left. Called it banana roll & said yes he can get rid of it. Now I read what can happen if that's done.... READ MORE

I asked the Dr. before surgery if he uses Smart Lipo. He said he uses Ultrasonic. Do you get the same results with each? (photo)

I had Axillary done and now after the procedure I see most Drs are using smart lipo for more skin tightening in smaller more contoured areas. Im not seeing this happen after 6... READ MORE

Auxillary lipo? Why didn't he say was a bad idea? Fair to say this surgeon aged this area as well on me. God I wish him well

6.5 weeks had it wrapped 6 weeks most if the time in hopes of it helping. Posting again because I got a few bethe pics Thur. 5/15. I wasn't told it would give me wrinkle dog... READ MORE

Would CoolSculpting help make the side more even? (photos)

Axillary lipp, I see it was a huge mistake that could very well lead to skin removal now. i know some swelling at 6.5 weeks. Looking at the back for the first time I see how... READ MORE

I read before that a Breast Lift can help the under arm skin area (axillary), is that true? Will it pull it tighter? (photo)

Wondering if it will pull that tighter after the surgeon left me with lose extra skin after lip in that area. I wasnt told that could happen. Now tossing around the idea of... READ MORE

Research Breast Lifts, I see there is a new way to lift w/o the vertical scar. I'd like more info on this. Does it work? (photo)

We would all like to avoid vertical scar. Ill be exchanging implants. Mine are above the muscle now so would require lift. I see some partly under muscle and some fully under... READ MORE

How big would the scar be to fix this? Skin removal after a bad lipo job? Was to just help bra line area.

I never dreamed I'd have these totally unnatural lines running under my arms after asking if lipo would help the bra line. I'm 5'3 120 #s n model for a living. I wanted some... READ MORE

Is this an issue to be improved by Cellulaze or Smart Lipo, or both one before the other? (Photo)

Getting Cellulaze, so asked to have my glute/thighs touched up. Right to match left better. Cellulaze obv wasn't done at same time. Notice the crater under my glut. Thank god,... READ MORE

Can I have skin removal, breast lift and implant exchange at same time? (Photo)

Was hoping getting a lift would help this so I could save myself the scars under arms, because eventually I need to do lift for implant exchange. Just wasn't in my plan for 5... READ MORE

Cellulaze? Smart Lipo? Fat Transfer, all of the above? I need this fixed and wondering which will be best (Photo)

Cellulaze and a lil touch up, I came out with this kinda mixed up mess and a big dent i can feel when I put lotion on. Didnt notice it for weeks until swelling started to go... READ MORE

Big crater under my glute 8 weeks after surgery. Is fat transfer needed? (photos)

This is the day I had on friday getting close to 8 weeks after surgery. I wear my compression still. I want the best results I can get, I do no impact workouts and double up on... READ MORE

Does fat transfer work to smooth out a bumpy butt/empty upper hamstring area, after Lipo? (photos)

Needed to get out if the house today and get some sunshine. Course I had to eval what was going on today with legs. I'm sure this will need added to after it was emptied of the... READ MORE

What will the scar be like from an under arm axillary lift?(photos)

Can I assume the scar for an under arm axillary lift will be something like this? Want to make sure to get back area a lil too.I'm so over this over the bra meas after lipo... READ MORE

Has anybody done a brow lift to help upper hollow after a surgeon did a stripping eye lid lift? (Photo)

Would a brow lift help pull up on that lid and pull that deep set crease out a bit. I never wanted to do a brow lift because of scar and ruining hair in that area. Now i wonder... READ MORE

Are there cases when fillers (after stripped eye lift surgery) just wont stick? Mine seems only last days

I think because too much tissue was removed the fillers just absorb into my body. I had it done Wed and Mon. Its hollowin again. See pics on my profile for after surgery. I... READ MORE

Does Cellulaze work on front of legs and abductor area? They are not super bad. I see it more in various lighting.

I hear diff opinions on this. It seemed to work on the back of the legs fairly well. Granted its only been 10 wks and there isnt a lot of data as to what it will look like a yr... READ MORE

Why do I feel I have more running vertical lines around my lips after a little filler in upper and 4 injections of botox?

I never put botox there before and the injector said thats a better way to ensure you wont get duck lip ( If you turn it up a bit) Hmm I feel like I have more lines from doing... READ MORE

I have added filler to my lips when filling other areas, always seems to end up duckish. Do lip lifts leave a bad scar? (Photo)

Have always wondered why ppl can do lip filler, but when i do it turns Daisy on me. this time we added the botox to turn it up to see if that helps. Not sure I like that look.... READ MORE

Is it possible to have skin grafts to upper inside of eye lids after a bad eye lift surgery? (photo)

Nobody mentioned prior that my forehead would now pull down and that too much skin would be cut away to cause me deep set eyes and in pics look like an eyeless animal. Lower... READ MORE

How much worse can I expect this deep set upper lid to get after upper/lower lid lift? 3.5 mths. What can fix it? (photo)

3.5 mths after this upper lower lid lift. Had no idea this dr would strip all the tissue out and id be left looking like a skeleton eye. Filler jus done under 6 wks ago,... READ MORE

Can this be fixed without tearing body up with more lipo? Scary after you had parts ruined from lipo to need more to fix (Photo)

4 months post op. You can see pics/info on my profile. Letting ppl know what questions to ask and to make sure they pick the best surgeons for their needs. Consults are easier... READ MORE

Can muscle be decreased after lipo? I truly feel that the droopy/saggy glut I have after is also muscle related (Photo)

I can follow the glut max muscle line easy on the glut that isnt droppy after surgery. See my profile for pics/info. I cant since surgery really follow it on the side that is... READ MORE

Is there some kind of fix for track marks from lipo years ago? Can it be smoothed with Cellulaze or smaller cannulas? (photos)

Overhead light really catches this. Outside as well. Had old style lipo many years ago. Seems to be result years later. Not as bad on the right inner thigh as left. Very... READ MORE

I have considered BBL to fix this mess I'm left with. Does the fat stay or do we then get bumpy? (Photo)

I never said I wanted volume taken out of my gluts. I had a perky round butt before. I asked about smoothing under and on hip area. A surgeon asked why id do that. I ask why... READ MORE

Seems fat transfer to eyes is my only choice. What's percentage of positive outcome? Scary after all I'm going through (Photo)

Im so tired of depleting my savings, losing income, stress, im starting to feel sick from the stress a lot now. I get fillers and they dont stick. One area round the eye he... READ MORE

What's the best way to fix a botched eye lift. What are the best fixes in my situation? (Photo)

I realize this is only pics. I have lots on my profile as well. Im weighing out all the ideas/solutions/fixes. I dont want to have to go through another big event with the... READ MORE

Which is best fix for what will be left here. Cellulaze, smart lipo or the old time lipo? May need that fat for the dent (Photo)

Almost 6 mths. I know still healing, i also know some will need touched up. Which will give the most smooth appearance? Course the huge banana dent will be fixed, but what... READ MORE

Glut implant? Fat grafting? What if not enough fat to fix the banana roll he wrecked and saggy glut? So not happy! (Photo)

I have been accused in past of having had a butt implant. Now look at my glut? This is a nightmare. I never said take out of my glut, was to be hip to match other side. Obv he... READ MORE

Has anybody fixed this situation before. Planning on LA to fix in next 2 mths. What are my options for my old eye shape?(photo)

6 mths and counting. Hate the deep beady look. Are there surgeons that dont take even one measurement before surgery like this Lickstein surgeon. I questioned it and was told... READ MORE

Ptosis in upper lids and seems muscle is ruined on left lower lid. Is this easily fixed like the top lids? (photos)

I was told by 2 surgeons that I had ptosis in upper lids, which is contributing to my small eyes now and my lazy cross eyed look on left. The upper lid was cut into toward nose... READ MORE

Does LBL flatten glut more than this surgeon did? Revision needed for mangled mess. Will lift reach this area? (Photo)

Having fat grafting done to fix dent thats under there. I see now as it all settles & swelling goes down im left with a deflated mess. I think lower body lift is only option... READ MORE

Where should the incisions have been on lids? I'm trying to figure out what went so wrong. (Photo)

My upper lids are so diff than before surfery. It wasnt mentioned oncd to me that I would possibly lose my eye shape or size. I wouldnt have done it had I been told any risks... READ MORE

Getting fat grafting here, going to consult about lower body lift too. It's so mangled my clothes go in creases. Ideas? (Photo)

Have seen diff surgeons in person. 1 said cellulaze, 1 said more lipo ( shit you not) 1 said upper body lift or glut wedge removal. Going to try grafting (very limited in fat... READ MORE

Realistically, how much lift do you get from posterior body lift? Will it get this mess lifted? (Photo)

Cant believe i have to go through all this. The more settled the lipo got the more gross. Now its showing how much he took out and just dumped it, when i had little to begin... READ MORE

Revision Day. In doing lower body/thigh lift, can improvement be acheived in Quad area? Lipo cannula tracks yrs later (Photo)

Had lower body lift after my 2 kids. Never overweigh/never smoked. Always worked out. High wt was 153 9th mth. 5'3 120-125 always, with DD boobs & muscle. This is old lipo skin... READ MORE

Never tried to have a bad lipo job even out. Is that possible? I know thigh lift has to be. Not sure it will get all this (Photo

Can lipo be refined? I jus asked how to fix the gutted banana roll/collapsed glut before. I know posterior/thigh lift with grafting are only choice. Can nasty thigh be refined?... READ MORE

I'm told surgeons are taught not to touch this area. Have any surgeons ever fixed it after its been deformed? (photos)

I see diff questions on this subject, but never see anybody say they had it fixed. I dont understand how realistically it can be when weight of glut its to support will affect... READ MORE

Is fat composite grafting risky in the eye area if I have scar tissue? (Photo)

I know fat grafting can leave bumps and some will stick and some wont. I have an area on outer left eye that wont even hold fillers now. Fillers in me last at most 4 mths.... READ MORE

One eyeball has been smaller & deeper set/holled ever since Bleph. Why, How and can it be released or pulled back out? (Photo)

I have wondered for almost a year why this eyed changed so much and looked little and almost deformed. I see how its literally deeper in my head. It doesnt stick out as far... READ MORE

Aren't ptosis surgery results seen right away? I'm 8 days out and lids look lower than before.

Devastated went through all this & lids look lower than before. Have 1 very deformed looking eye. Wasnt great to begin with now its very noticeable. Lower lid was to be brought... READ MORE

Discussions started by gem202

Who has had good results from revision Eyelid Surgery?

Just.wondering which Surgeons you have found to do the best job in fixing a bleph that didnt go as planned. READ MORE

lowe face/neck lift healing time.

Im gerting a posterior lower lift, thigh and glut. Its revision from a very bad lipo experience. The toll this year had from the stress has aged my face very fast. It boggles... READ MORE

Anybody figure out a way to go back in time yet?

So sick when i look at before pics now and after. Well i dont need pics for after, im living it everyday. Make sure you go to good surgeons that will tell you different options... READ MORE

Dr. Amron or Dr. Svehlak Id like to schedule.consults about a horrid lipo job

Now that this nasty lipo job is showing all of is ugly lumpy, bumpy, hacked up areas, i need to schedule apt to get ideas as to what the best way to get some improvement. He... READ MORE

Recent comments from gem202

Ugh :((((((((( I certainly understand. I know this will just get worse. READ COMMENT

Oh i know it.... no worries. There are really good guys in LA that are medical witnesses too. READ COMMENT

Thats a very good point. My one side only needs half off compared to other. Whats it going to do to my body and ill need not just thigh whole way hip bone to hip bone. My two gluts are so different now READ COMMENT

Ur lucky. I have to go 2000 miles. Yes some ppl like that big hip look. Do you see ppl complain about it and is it even on each side is what i look for. I dont have to worry about that look i have to fat to do that with. I think that... READ COMMENT