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I do not mean to sound condescending to any of you, but it just shocks me when I come across these sites, you may invite me to go somewhere else as well but as a professional it is important to share with you what the risk are when... READ COMMENT

Yes, I certainly can read, but also read the comments as well, which goes on to talk about the benefits and savings of doing them yourself. READ COMMENT

AND FYI - even with a license a professional only is allowed to put a 20 TCA on the skin. Did you say you put a 25%.... and this is my point - these companies will sell anything to make a buck, yes, it cost to see a professional, but... READ COMMENT

I am a licensed clinical esthetician, and due to the instability of chemicals on skin I would NEVER recommend you do it alone, hence what happened in the case of the person who posted this, (might be you) When you are buying these... READ COMMENT

Please explain to me why any of you are putting acids on your face at home, these peels need to be done by a professional. Please do not fool yourself and think you know what you are doing! No reputable company would see these types of... READ COMMENT