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Trying to Even Bad Lipo - Ladera Ranch, CA

I have read quite a bit about SculpSure as well as other procedures. I had bad lipo several years ago in which the lower part of my belly was over-suctioned which left a fat pad on the mons area that looks odd, as well as a shelf across the center of my stomach. I have since had a child, so lipo and tummy tuck is not an option at this time due to downtime. I also work full time and am a single... READ MORE

Looked better pre-lipo - Tustin

Had lipo of inner and outer thighs (not much to remove there just some stubborn small pockets of fat that would not go away with exercise), also did flanks and abs (had a decent amount of fat on flanks and lower abs due to gaining around 22 lbs over the last year). Height 5'-3" Weight 2 weeks before lipo 152 lbs Weight day of lipo 148 lbs (started dieting 2 weeks pre-lipo and... READ MORE

Questions from Amy1976

Had Waterjet Lipo on Flanks, Lower/mid/upper Abs, Inner and Outer Thighs 5 Weeks Ago. Are These Results Normal? (photo)

Day after lipo I was almost 50% bigger than pre-op. I was not fat but gained some weight due to work stress that was not coming off with exersize. Today I had my 5 wk post-op... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take "Open Incisions" to Close and Later Bruising Normal?

I had a revision 6 days ago on stomach and inner thighs, this doctor left he incisions open there was almost no pain, no bruising and little swelling. However I've noticed... READ MORE

When Can I Start Using Silicone Sheets over Scars?

I am 8 days post op from a revision on inner thighs and stomach, the surgeon left the incisions open this time. It seems to me they are closed, I've changed the steri strips... READ MORE

3" Hard Foam over Compression with Abdominal Binder for 1 Month, is This Normal?

I had a revision on my stomach (mid and lower) to correct bad lipo performed last year that left me with a ridge in the center and bottom from areas where fat was not extracted... READ MORE

Mid and Lower Tummy Lipo and Mons Pubis is Huge, What Can I Do?

I had a revision on my mid and lower stomach, I was awake and the doctor left the incisions open. There was a lot of drainage and I had a lot less swelling than the first time,... READ MORE

Question Regarding Fat Grafting and How Soon Would the Fat Die?

I had lipo on inner thighs last year, the physician took way too much fat from the center of my thighs and left a hole there, it was obvious and made my leg look deformed. I... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Work out Post Fat Grafting?

I had lipo on inner thighs last year, the physician took way too much fat from the center of my thighs and left a hole there, it was obvious and made my leg look deformed. I... READ MORE

Best solution for uneven fat/bad lipo? Seeking solutions from experienced surgeons in Southern CA. (Photo)

I had a horrible lipo experience at Athenix. They left a ridge in belly button area. They offered a revision a year later and ridge got slightly better but the surgeon was... READ MORE

Is Sculpsure a option for uneven lipo? Any board certified plastic surgeons in OC who perform this in their office? (Photo)

I had lipo in 2013, entire abdomen was treated. Yet, they were too aggressive on lower & mid belly, which resulted in a horizontal shelf across the center of my stomach.... READ MORE

SculpSure plates treatment area question. Any suggestions?

Hello Doctors! I understand the SculpSure treatment applicator plates are very small (a little smaller than an iPhone5 screen). Does the laser extend out beyond this applicator... READ MORE

SculpSure and umbilical hernia. Can it be done?

I may have an umbilical hernia that developed post pregnancy. I just consulted with my OBGYN and she cannot tell, so she referred me to a surgeon who will perform the right... READ MORE

Recent comments from Amy1976

I know what you mean. The worst parts left from my kilo was the mins and ridge in the center of my stomach. That said there are a few smaller other parts like the area under the boob that protrudes when I wear certain bras. I hope I see... READ COMMENT

The hard bump is still in the mons area and sore to the touch, but way smaller. I no longer feel the nodules on my stomach area and that soreness is gone. It's only been 2 weeks and 3 days, so no results to report.... I'm still hopeful!... READ COMMENT

I had the burning too, but only yesterday. Since I had to return to work I couldn't do ice packs. My stomach was totally fine, the mom's hurt like hell, but if I get results it will be worth it. Thanks for sharing and good luck! READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for that! Glad to know it's normal, I have read that the more the lumps, the more the results :) READ COMMENT

Thanks for all of the details! I had this done today (3 pads on my mid belly and 1 on mons area) to try and correct an uneven lipo years ago that left a few pads of fat. I too was at the highest setting for most of the time, only once... READ COMMENT