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Foot Balls

I was heavy and lost some weight but my thigh were like I had two foot balls ! That is how big they were. I started with lypo in April of this year and went to the gym and lost more weight and they were hanging ! I talked to dr Rayfield and he did the procedure ! Again I had two drains and I did need to stay overnight in the hosp I keep myself walking around all night Because I wanted... READ MORE

Flat Tummy - Linwood, NJ

I lost a lot of weight and decided to get a tummy tuck! Wow the proceedure was good I had to stay overnight in the hospital, I had 2 drains! That I went home with that I needed to attend to . It was not a bad procedure. Knowing how much skin was removed. I had to ware a tight garment around my tummy and I went back to the gym in about 2 wks or 10 days! My tummy is flat and I can feel my hip... READ MORE

Best Decision I Ever Made - Linwood, NJ

Having lost a lot of weight, I hate that my neck made me look old! I am so very happy I had this done. My neck is longer and no skin hanging . The procedure was not bad. I did not need to take any pain medication . All I took was Advil and I was back to the gym in 2wks! Wow Dr Rayfield work is the best .. My neck is longer . I am so happy. It has been 10 mo since my neck lift! My neck... READ MORE

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No that is wrong ! Looking at this picture i was around 209! I did not get a picture of me before surgery i was around 170?? READ COMMENT

Well the only reason I had that done was for the hanging skin But excersize will help. But ! I would get down to where you want to be before doing that. As I did Because he didn't take that much skin off and losing more weight my legs... READ COMMENT

Typo====people have judge me ! READ COMMENT

The last picture i posted with the black and white strip panties Click on that and you will see between my legs the dark skin Also ! Please have judge me and i get a little defensive So for that i am sorry! Have a great new year READ COMMENT

My doctor would not do any procedures unless it was needed! My legs i have worked hard on them !! When you weight was 280 and getting down to 230 is hard! Then dieting i losy more weight ! I workout dieted and i got down to 148 that... READ COMMENT