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Botox Between the Eyebrows Was Good

Pros:I now look younger than my real age. It didn't hurt and no bruising.Cons: As soon as it was shot in to me, I got severe dry eyes and it lasted for several days.I got botox cuz I had a deep wrinkle between my eyebrow. The result is good. I did this on August 25, 2009 and hope that it can for up to 4 months. READ MORE

Radiesse Great for Laugh Line

Pros: Made me gain confidence and years younger. Looked very natural. Very little pain. The doc. at this place gave me dental block cuz I told him I am afraid of needles and pain.I didn't get any bruising and very little swelling which disappeared completely on the 3rd day. The only pain I had was on the 3rd day early morning when I woke up there was a some pain surround the injection site... READ MORE

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I paid the going price for eyelid surgeries at 1992. There were cheaper doctors, but I thought using someone claiming to be an oculoplastic surgeon is the safetest. Little did I know that some doctors often lies about their... READ COMMENT

I was okay with botox between my eyebrows, but it didn't get rid of one of my 11's. ON the right side of my eye you can still steal a "l", but I am hoping with constant used of botox it will eventally flat out. If not, I want to use... READ COMMENT

Botox was okay betwee my eyebrow, but it didn't get one of the 11's completely iron out. I was got extremely dry eye problem right after injection. It took like about 6 days to see the final result. I still want to get it done like... READ COMMENT

I got it done on August 25, 2009. I also had no bruising and very little swelling and the little swelling disappeared on the 4th day. I had a doctor doing it, but I wasn't picky who did it at this place. The RN was fully booked for... READ COMMENT

I agreed with the person above me. I been lie to by an eye doctor and he messed up my eyelid really badly leaving loads of scars on my forehead, eyelid creases, inside my eyeborws, and to the sides of each of my eyes to my hair line. ... READ COMMENT