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Has Given Me a New Lease on Life in the Past Week! - San Francisco, CA

Hyaluronidase experience worth relating, so please click here to see my posting in the Juvederm section under "Too Many Risks" I have lots of photos in that post and way more details. In short, I had a terrible experience with Juvederm Ultra Plus XC being injected into my naso-labial folds about 3 weeks ago. Went to a med-spa place, and while the injector is supposedly a "certified... READ MORE

Too Many Risks! (thumbs up for Hyaluronidase) San Francisco, CA

I'm a 38 yr old mother of 4 and I went in about 11 days ago to try Juvederm in my naso-labial folds (which are not that bad, but certainly starting to appear on their "way down"). I went to the place where I've been getting my facials/dermasweep for over a year. It is a "laser and skin" center- managed by an MD, with a nurse who is certified in injections and lasers and then several... READ MORE

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Juv Ult Plus 14 days ago: Do I have a bruise, broken capillaries, skin stain from injection or tyndall? (Photo)

"Outlined" area shaped like apostrophe on left cheek. Slightly blueish/greyish in linear/circle pattern. At 2 of the injection sites. Got swollen masses on either side of my... READ MORE

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Interesting you should ask bc I've been trying to remember how much he used for the past 4 days! I think, from researching on the web and from straining to remember what he was telling me at the time (at the time I didn't really care... READ COMMENT

Hi Jwil34! Just wanted to thank you for the encouragement to get the enzyme. Went in for 2nd injection today and feel nearly back to my old self tonight. Not quite, not quite... but close enough to make me feel a serious load off my... READ COMMENT

Wow, that is awful. I'm so sorry. I've not had nearly as bad a situation as you, but yes, I've experienced pain around my naso-labial folds and near nose from the Juvederm injections (to the naso-labial folds) 3 weeks ago. My story... READ COMMENT

Has been totally not worth the risk to me. I've thankfully found an amazing skilled facial plastic surgeon who has helped me (using hyaluronidase) in the past week. What I would give to have had him in the first place. My bottom... READ COMMENT

Ha ha. I thought wow she is being blunt. But then thought I guess it made sense in context :) READ COMMENT