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What is the best treatment for undereye hollows (tear trough deformity)?

I'm a 26 year old female with genetic undereye hollows (I've had them since I was 10). I don't have dark circles, puffy eyes or eye bags. But I have almost no fat under my eyes... READ MORE

What is the best laser resurfacing treatment for african american skintones?

I have icepick acne scarring on my cheeks and jawline. I would like to undergo laser skin resurfacing but I have heard that it is a risky procedure for darker skintones because... READ MORE

What is the average cost of full face fat transfer?

I want fat transfer to fill in my sunken temples, tear troughs, cheeks, nasolabial folds, and perhaps to make my chin more prominent, and my forehead look less flat.. How much... READ MORE

Does future pregnancy affect Fat Transfer results?

I'm in my mid 20s, and I have a very gaunt face (under eye hollows, sunken temples and deflated cheeks).. Im happy with my healthy weight so weight gain isn't an option. Fat... READ MORE

Can I fly 5 days after facial fat transfer?

Can I fly 5 days after fat graft to my cheeks, forehead, temples, under eyes, and chin? The total flying time is 19 hours which includes two flights plus 5 hour transit. Is... READ MORE

Will Latisse negatively affect undereye fat transfer results?

I have heard that bimatoprost affects the metabolism of periorbital fat cells and may cause PAP in some patients, even when used for cosmetic purposes, as in Latisse. I have... READ MORE

Does lipokit fat transfer use laser or radiofrequency energy?

How is the fat harvested during lipokit fat transfer? I've heard that laser or radiofrequency liposuction can damage the fat. Is lipokit more gentle than traditional... READ MORE

What is the best machine/device for PRP or vampire face lift?

I read that there is a wide variation in the quality of PRP treatments. Does the device/machine used make a difference? or are they all pretty much the same? Should I ask the... READ MORE

I have extensive hyperpigmentation all over my body. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I have extensive confetti-like hypopigmentation all over my body, sparing my face, hands, elbows, knees and feet. The hypopigmentation is around hair follicles, and I've had... READ MORE

Do I need to wear sunscreen on a day-to-day basis if I'm African American (Type V skin)?

I'm weighing up the pros and cons of wearing sunscreen. I have never had a sunburn in my life, so photoaging is my main concern. EWG says that chemical sunscreens aren't... READ MORE

Is it safe to inject restylane into the tear trough with a needle?

Both doctors that I consulted with said they used needles and not cannulas. I asked about the risk of blindness and both said it was rare. Even if the risk is very small, I'd... READ MORE

What are the alternatives to Laser Skin Resurfacing for darker skin types?

I'm a female in my mid-20s. My skin is terrible - I have acne scarring, uneven skin tone, fine lines, large pores, and just general poor skin texture and quality. The before &... READ MORE

What is the best hyaluronic acid filler for chin augmentation?

My chin is just very slightly receded, so I think an implant would be overkill. I would kill to get a filler and I would prefer to stick to the hyaluronic acid fillers since... READ MORE

How long should I wait after active acne to get needling (dermaroller) for acne scarring?

I have been using tretinoin 0.1% for 3 weeks and my acne is clearing up. I have no cystic or inflamed pimples, just a few small bumps. I have a lot of red marks and scars from... READ MORE

Is photodynamic therapy suitable for darker skin types?

I have type V skin. I have been on tretinoin 0.1% for 3 weeks and my acne is clearing up but I still have red inflamed acne marks. Will PDT help with acne, acne marks (redness... READ MORE

Can Botox be used to open up the eyes when smiling?

When I smile, my eyes become very small. Can botox around the eyes prevent this? Will this also make my eyes look bigger when not smiling? Thanks. READ MORE

Can tretinoin be used on large body surface areas?

Can I use 0.1% tretinoin for the sun damage on my back, chest and arms? or will I absorb toxic amounts of tretinoin? READ MORE

What surgical and non-surgical procedures can help with jawline rejuvenation?

My jawline is quite firm (no sagging at all and defined mandible angle and chin) but yet appears somehow aged. I have attached a pic to show what I mean. My jawline looks a... READ MORE

Is voluma safe for young patients in their early 20s?

I have volume loss in my cheeks from weight loss. I would like some chin augmentation as well. Is voluma safe for these concerns? It's a relatively new product so I don't know... READ MORE

Is tretinoin of any benefit to darker skinned patients?

I don't have acne or sun damage. My issues are pore size, and uneven skin tone. Tretinoin is extremely irritating and is causing peeling, redness and post-inflammatory... READ MORE

Which filler gives the most natural lip augmentation results - Juvederm or Restylane?

I'm african american and my lips aren't small but they lack plumpness/fullness. My upper lip is relatively thin and my lips are "flat". I'd like sexier and poutier lips. Which... READ MORE

Am I at high risk of developing trout pout or duck lips with lip fillers? (Photo)

My lips aren't thin, but I'd like fuller and poutier lips like Adriana Lima's. Does my lip shape/lip size/jaw structure etc, put me at high risk of trout pout or duck lip? I... READ MORE

How to get rid of moustache melasma?

I'm getting married in a month and I'm looking for treatments to make the melasma around my mouth go away. I don't have it anywhere else on my face, just around my mouth, which... READ MORE