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External Medialized Corner Lip Lift Journey - Beverly Hills, CA

Background: I have an upper lip that is not very harmonious with other features nor is it attracitvely shaped. My original upper lip length was 22mm. I had an upper lip lift with Dr Stephen Baker 6 months ago, so it is now 16mm. It was a traditional skin only lift. (For that experience, see my other review.) The corner and side areas of my lips curled under and down and I also had a corner... READ MORE

Lip Lift. Washington, DC

I have a 22mm upper lip which is not only aging, but is not attractive. I have had 4 consults. 1) Dr Haworth 2) Dr Rodriguez 3) Dr Stephen Baker and a 4th who would not do it. I felt the most comfortable with Dr Baker. The fact that he does a lot of reconstructive surgery around the mouth, is Ivy League graduate, and was first trained as a dentist (then later as reconstructive and cosmetic... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Lower Lip, Philtrum, Side of Nose, and Mental Crease - New York, NY

I have a very long upper lip. Although I'd like to get an upper and corner lip lift, I wasn't ready to shell out the 25K that one famous doctor wanted to do the 3 procedures he recommended I need. (Corner, upper lip lift and V-Y Plasty on lower lip.) I decided to try a preliminary step of getting a small fat transfer to my lower lip, which I hoped would give the top and lower lip better... READ MORE


I am 53. Normal weight (130 at 5'6") Problem areas: My jaw line has gone soft with age and my brows have dropped to the point where I look grim or stern when my face is relaxed and not animated. I don't want to get a brow lift because I fear that the subtle amount that I want lifted would wind up being a permanent look of surprise. Solution: Previously I had had Thermage and after initially... READ MORE

After Two Weeks, Noticeable Difference - Followed by No Difference Dubai, AE

I was extremely skeptical about Thermage CPT, assumed I would not get any visible result and was going to settle for a result of buying myself another year of not aging as much. In part, I believed this would be the outcome because I was doing it in Dubai where the doctor was not going to use the 900 pulses on my face but instead only used 425 and 225 on my eyes. (I had been on website, which... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Top and Bottom of Feet - New York, NY

I received fat transfer to my feet not for cosmetic purposes but because I had destroyed the fat in my feet with multiple steroid injections I received for Morton's Neuroma. MN is an inflammation of the nerve between the toes which often occurs to women over 40 who run or wear high heels. Without fat on the bottom of my feet, I could barely walk barefoot the distance from bed to bathroom.... READ MORE

Questions from Becoming Stronger

How could a doctor make my face more proportional and, if possible, attractive? (photos)

I have already seen multiple top revision rhinoplasty surgeons who said that my dream of having a nose that was not so short and over-rotated is not possible. So any thoughts... READ MORE

Can a bullhorn lip lift be executed successfully when the patient has a shortened, over rotated nose? (Photo)

I have a shortened, upturned nose, thanks to 2 rhinoplasties. (Note: I had 2 consultations with revision rhinoplasty specialists who said the tip could not be de-rotated.)... READ MORE

How does removing prematurely surgical glue on an incision affect scar outcome?

If a plastic surgeon has used a combination of internal, dissolvable sutures plus surgical glue for a facial plastic procedure, will picking at and removing the surgical glue... READ MORE

Why the price differences with Fraxel vs Restore?

I noticed that there can be a large variable in prices charged for Fraxel:Restore from doctor to doctor and in geographic areas around the country. What are the elements that... READ MORE

What is the value of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers or Bioptron for healing?

Have doctors found post surgery healing to be improved with the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers or Bioptron? I am curious to know if facial plastic surgery, specifically... READ MORE

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I should add the corn syrup is in a plastic baggie. READ COMMENT

Looks great! It will gte more swollen. Are you using something to cool it off? One RealSelf person used frozen corn syrup. READ COMMENT

Expect 1.5-2mm drop READ COMMENT

How many mm did he remove? I, too, had a 22mm upper lip. My lip lift removed 8mm but it has dropped down to 16mm now. READ COMMENT

I was swollen in my nose, jaw and lips. My swelling lasted several months. I didn't feel like I started to look normal-ish until about 4 months later. It took me a long time. READ COMMENT