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200cc = 1 cup size!! A cup+ 325/350cc HP too small!!!!

Some of you may have read my first review. A year ago this Tuesday, I got my first BA with Natrelle 325cc & 350cc Style 20. I started a small A cup and was hoping to be a mid-full 34C. From day one of the surgery I knew that they looked the wrong size but it wasn't until months and months of waiting for them to fill out that I realized that they weren't going to change. After a year of... READ MORE

5'7", 117 + 325/350cc- Small implants not worth it!

I have been wanting a BA for as long as I can remember. I am 31 years old, no children and just couldn't stand feeling like I looked like a twelve year old girl undressed. I didn't want to do it for the attention but just to feel like a woman. I am 5'7", 117lbs and 27" ribcage (very petite) so I wanted to choose something that would look natural and proportionate to my body. My options were... READ MORE

Questions from Fitnessgal23

Terrified of choosing a breast implant that is too large! Will 300cc, 325cc or 350cc's bring me to my goal cup size? (photo)

I am a 32A or AA (not sure). I am 5'7", 117 lbs and have a very small ribcage (27"). My goal size is a large B to very small C. I just don't want to end up with D's or DD's... READ MORE

Are UHP Natrelle 45 or HP best for women with a small ribcage? (Photo)

I have my surgery date booked and I am afraid because I have chosen the UHP's in 400cc to go from a 32A to a 32 C. I have read that the UHP's can look "too round and fake". As... READ MORE

I'm 5'7, 117lbs, with a 27 inch ribcage. What size will take me from a 32A to 32C? 360cc or 400 cc UHP implant? (photo)

My stats are 5'7, 117 Ib and 27" ribcage. My surgery is in two weeks but I keep going back and forth on size. I want them to be large enough to give me cleavage but not overly... READ MORE

I'm 5'7, 118 lbs. What size implant/style will be best to get me from a small 32A to 32C cup without looking "too round & fake"?

I am 5'7" , 118 lbs, 27" ribcage and 10.5 breast width measurements. When I went for my consultation they recommended the UHP 45 style in 320-400. I don't like the obvious... READ MORE

My PS said that UHP implants are my only option as my bwd is10.5". Would 320cc or 360cc be best?

I'm 5'7", 118, 27" ribcage. I just went in to try on sizes again and this time the 360cc seemed to stick out a lot further from my body and looked like a shelf. I want a... READ MORE

Will A 360cc UHP increase me 2 or 3 cup sizes from a 32A cup? (Photo)

I have already booked my surgery but I keep reading that the UHP look "fake" which is not the look that I want. I was only given UHP as an option because my BWD is 10.5. I'm... READ MORE

Small breast implants. Will they drop and project more in a few months? (photos)

My goal size was a C cup and I chose the 350cc high profile sub muscular. (I had to get 325 cc in one breast to even them out. I was a 32A before and when I tried on the sizers... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get larger implants? Will mine drop and project more? (Photo)

I recently got 350cc Natrelle style 20 (325cc in one breast) and they seem too small. I read of girls who had similar stats to me who ended up with D's and even DD's with these... READ MORE

How much more can I expect my implants to drop and project? (Photo)

I am over a month post-op and they seem very high still. I'm guessing that this is normal. I have 325cc & 350cc Natrelle 20 High profile implants. Can I expect them to drop... READ MORE

What can I do to help my implants to drop? (photos)

I have 325cc & 350cc Natrelle style 20 hoping for a full C cup from an A cup. I like the overall appearance of my breasts but they are very full on top. I am really thin 5'6"... READ MORE

What is the largest implant that I can get with a 10.5" BWD?

I have the Natrelle style 20 325cc & 350cc. I am curious to see what would be the largest that I can safely go to fit my small BWD if I choose to upsize in the future? READ MORE

What can I expect a revision to cost & how many more cc's do I need? (photos)

I underwent a BA surgery in May with 325cc & 350cc Natrelle style 20. I started with a very small A cup and was hoping for a full C. Unfortunately, I went too conservative and... READ MORE

Is it worth a revision due to sizing? (photo)

I had an augmentation 5 months ago and was hoping for a mid-full 34C from a small 32A. My perception of a C cup was on a 34 band bra. Now I am a full 32C/34B which is a size... READ MORE

Is it possible to switch to from round silicone to anatomical teardrop? (photos)

I recently had a BA with 325cc & 350cc Natrelle 20's. I started out a flat A but I am tall with curvy hips so they look small on my frame. I feel that a 32D would look great on... READ MORE

How many more cc's do I need to get a full 32D? (Photo)

I recently underwent a BA and I am very unhappy with the size. I started off a flat A and got 325&350cc Natrelle style 20's. Under clothes I look completely flat still. It's so... READ MORE

Implants too wide and flat! Getting a revision... (Photo)

I have made up my mind to go in for a revision as I have been unhappy with my implants from day one of surgery. I started a 32AA cup and I got 325 & 350cc Natrelle style 20's.... READ MORE

How can I get this look? (Photo)

I recently underwent a BA and I feel that my implants are not providing me with the look that I desire. I started out a 30A cup and got 325cc Natrelle style 20 (which gave me... READ MORE

What is the best method for choosing the correct implant size? (photos)

I had a BA last year and asked my doctor for a full C/D. She assumed that I wanted a 32C but I had never worn a 32 bra band (as most stores don't carry them) and I wanted a 34C... READ MORE

Would you recommend Saline implants for thin patients? (Photo)

I am in the process of looking for a doctor for my revision/implant exchange. I am unhappy with the size and unevenness of my implants 325/350cc natrelle style 20. My bWd is... READ MORE

What can be done to correct my breasts? (photos)

I am two years out from my 1st BA and started almost flat and got 325/350 Natrelle style 20's. I feel like the implants didn't drop properly into the breast pocket. I've seen... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in the Houston area that offers the new "Ideal implants" (Photo)

I am interested in exchanging my current implants (for obvious reasons). I noticed that the ideal implant offers a natural touch without the risks of silent rupture of silicone... READ MORE

Recent comments from Fitnessgal23

I agree... it's just complicated bc I'm married so my husband is not ok with me spending the money... and on top of that taking time off work. It was an easy surgery the first time around bc I saved up for it and also had all of the... READ COMMENT

Thank u hon! I am trying to hold out until I can exchange them out... i wish that I would've done more research on this site but really I chose an implant that most often would result in a C cup but on me it was t the case. When I tried... READ COMMENT

To be completely honest, I don't know what I am now. I was a 34C when they were swollen and now I look like a small B cup. I asked my PS for a full 34C and I think that I needed closer to 450cc... READ COMMENT

This is an interesting point... my PS went over my bwd and my implants are too wide for my chest. For this reason they never dropped and stayed high and constricted looking so they look small (but actually it's just how they settled). I... READ COMMENT