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200cc = 1 cup size!! A cup+ 325/350cc HP too small!!!!

Some of you may have read my first review. A year ago this Tuesday, I got my first BA with Natrelle 325cc & 350cc Style 20. I started a small A cup and was hoping to be a mid-full 34C. From day one of the surgery I knew that they looked the wrong size but it wasn't until months and months of waiting for them to fill out that I realized that they weren't going to change. After a year of... READ MORE

5'7", 117 + 325/350cc- Small implants not worth it!

I have been wanting a BA for as long as I can remember. I am 31 years old, no children and just couldn't stand feeling like I looked like a twelve year old girl undressed. I didn't want to do it for the attention but just to feel like a woman. I am 5'7", 117lbs and 27" ribcage (very petite) so I wanted to choose something that would look natural and proportionate to my body. My options were... READ MORE

Questions from Fitnessgal23

Terrified of choosing a breast implant that is too large! Will 300cc, 325cc or 350cc's bring me to my goal cup size? (photo)

I am a 32A or AA (not sure). I am 5'7", 117 lbs and have a very small ribcage (27"). My goal size is a large B to very small C. I just don't want to end up with D's or DD's... READ MORE

Are UHP Natrelle 45 or HP best for women with a small ribcage? (Photo)

I have my surgery date booked and I am afraid because I have chosen the UHP's in 400cc to go from a 32A to a 32 C. I have read that the UHP's can look "too round and fake". As... READ MORE

I'm 5'7, 117lbs, with a 27 inch ribcage. What size will take me from a 32A to 32C? 360cc or 400 cc UHP implant? (photo)

My stats are 5'7, 117 Ib and 27" ribcage. My surgery is in two weeks but I keep going back and forth on size. I want them to be large enough to give me cleavage but not overly... READ MORE

I'm 5'7, 118 lbs. What size implant/style will be best to get me from a small 32A to 32C cup without looking "too round & fake"?

I am 5'7" , 118 lbs, 27" ribcage and 10.5 breast width measurements. When I went for my consultation they recommended the UHP 45 style in 320-400. I don't like the obvious... READ MORE

My PS said that UHP implants are my only option as my bwd is10.5". Would 320cc or 360cc be best?

I'm 5'7", 118, 27" ribcage. I just went in to try on sizes again and this time the 360cc seemed to stick out a lot further from my body and looked like a shelf. I want a... READ MORE

Will A 360cc UHP increase me 2 or 3 cup sizes from a 32A cup? (Photo)

I have already booked my surgery but I keep reading that the UHP look "fake" which is not the look that I want. I was only given UHP as an option because my BWD is 10.5. I'm... READ MORE

Small breast implants. Will they drop and project more in a few months? (photos)

My goal size was a C cup and I chose the 350cc high profile sub muscular. (I had to get 325 cc in one breast to even them out. I was a 32A before and when I tried on the sizers... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get larger implants? Will mine drop and project more? (Photo)

I recently got 350cc Natrelle style 20 (325cc in one breast) and they seem too small. I read of girls who had similar stats to me who ended up with D's and even DD's with these... READ MORE

How much more can I expect my implants to drop and project? (Photo)

I am over a month post-op and they seem very high still. I'm guessing that this is normal. I have 325cc & 350cc Natrelle 20 High profile implants. Can I expect them to drop... READ MORE

What can I do to help my implants to drop? (photos)

I have 325cc & 350cc Natrelle style 20 hoping for a full C cup from an A cup. I like the overall appearance of my breasts but they are very full on top. I am really thin 5'6"... READ MORE

What is the largest implant that I can get with a 10.5" BWD?

I have the Natrelle style 20 325cc & 350cc. I am curious to see what would be the largest that I can safely go to fit my small BWD if I choose to upsize in the future? READ MORE

What can I expect a revision to cost & how many more cc's do I need? (photos)

I underwent a BA surgery in May with 325cc & 350cc Natrelle style 20. I started with a very small A cup and was hoping for a full C. Unfortunately, I went too conservative and... READ MORE

Is it worth a revision due to sizing? (photo)

I had an augmentation 5 months ago and was hoping for a mid-full 34C from a small 32A. My perception of a C cup was on a 34 band bra. Now I am a full 32C/34B which is a size... READ MORE

Is it possible to switch to from round silicone to anatomical teardrop? (photos)

I recently had a BA with 325cc & 350cc Natrelle 20's. I started out a flat A but I am tall with curvy hips so they look small on my frame. I feel that a 32D would look great on... READ MORE

How many more cc's do I need to get a full 32D? (Photo)

I recently underwent a BA and I am very unhappy with the size. I started off a flat A and got 325&350cc Natrelle style 20's. Under clothes I look completely flat still. It's so... READ MORE

Implants too wide and flat! Getting a revision... (Photo)

I have made up my mind to go in for a revision as I have been unhappy with my implants from day one of surgery. I started a 32AA cup and I got 325 & 350cc Natrelle style 20's.... READ MORE

How can I get this look? (Photo)

I recently underwent a BA and I feel that my implants are not providing me with the look that I desire. I started out a 30A cup and got 325cc Natrelle style 20 (which gave me... READ MORE

What is the best method for choosing the correct implant size? (photos)

I had a BA last year and asked my doctor for a full C/D. She assumed that I wanted a 32C but I had never worn a 32 bra band (as most stores don't carry them) and I wanted a 34C... READ MORE

Would you recommend Saline implants for thin patients? (Photo)

I am in the process of looking for a doctor for my revision/implant exchange. I am unhappy with the size and unevenness of my implants 325/350cc natrelle style 20. My bWd is... READ MORE

What can be done to correct my breasts? (photos)

I am two years out from my 1st BA and started almost flat and got 325/350 Natrelle style 20's. I feel like the implants didn't drop properly into the breast pocket. I've seen... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor in the Houston area that offers the new "Ideal implants" (Photo)

I am interested in exchanging my current implants (for obvious reasons). I noticed that the ideal implant offers a natural touch without the risks of silent rupture of silicone... READ MORE

Recent comments from Fitnessgal23

Thank you... that's what I thought too! My doc took it personally when I said something looked off but I was just expressing my concern... then she said that she couldn't meet my expectations!!! I'm not picky and I know that nothing is... READ COMMENT

Thank you! I am hoping for a revision soon... just been having a hard time working a surgery into my work schedule but hopefully soon! Have you tried on the sizers? I would go at least 50cc more than what you tried on and like. What... READ COMMENT

You are exactly right! I now know what to expect and I won't be scared of cc's this time around!! I just want to have normal looking breasts :-/ I will definitely keep you updated when I get my revision. I'm thinking sooner then later... READ COMMENT

You are not alone... I wanted a "34C look" too! Hope that you are feeling better about them! I want to go in for a revision bc mind are also too uneven. :-/ READ COMMENT