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Can I still get a dental implant if I have a chin implant?

I had a tooth extracted 11 months ago. I would like to get a dental implant this year. The thing is that I recently underwent a chin implant procedure, and I was wondering if... READ MORE

What kind of complications should I expect from having my chin implant removed?

The implant is a large silicon with wings. I've had it in for 5 days. It seems to have healed quickly so far, but I hate the way it looks. Plus, I have a missing tooth that has... READ MORE

Is this sensation normal after Chin Implant?

Had chin implant surgery 9 days ago. I still feel some tightness (at times it's more acute), numbness, an itching sensation, and a warm sensation (but not to the touch).... READ MORE

3 days ago I noticed redness in the area right about where my implant sits. Could this be an infection? (Photo)

3 days ago I noticed redness in the area right about where my implant sits. It was itchy, felt tight and had a bit of a burning sensation. The next morning, I went to my... READ MORE

Is a canker sore something to worry about?

I had chin implant surgery three weeks ago, and everything has been going well. I've been healing pretty quickly, even though I still have to wait a few more weeks for final... READ MORE

Can nicking my chin while shaving lead to an infection if I have a chin implant?

I have had a chin implant for almost 3 months. Shaving hasn't been difficult, but I always try to be extra careful around my chin in order not to cut myself. But there have... READ MORE

Why do I continue to have discomfort with chin implant after 7 months of surgery?

I got a chin implant 7 months ago: large silicon with wings. Since then I've had persistent discomfort. Symptoms are intermittent tooth sensitivity and pressure and some... READ MORE

Can erosion of the dental roots by a chin implant happen soon?

I've had a chin implant for 7 months now, and I've been having discomfort ever since. Could erosion have occurred already? How can I tell if it is? On certain days, my gums... READ MORE

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How do you feel about your chin implant today? Do you like the look? Does it cause pain or discomfort, or does it feel normal by now? READ COMMENT

What kind and size implant did you have? Have you considered a sliding genioplasty? READ COMMENT

Sorry to read that. That's awful. READ COMMENT

I talked to a dentist today, and he said I'll be alright. I also talked to somebody who has chin implants and five dental implants. I'm feeling better about myself. Yolo lol. Swelling is still present, but I feel better. Thanks. READ COMMENT