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Breast reduction has resulted in breast growth. Normal?

Went from a gg to c back to dd. Uncomfortable. Does Medicare ever pay for a second reduction? READ MORE

I have had tattooed eyebrows for years. (photo)

I have had tattooed eyebrows for years. The last job was terrible--way too dark, uneven, mismatched. Another artist tried to correct them..she used flesh tones to cover. Still... READ MORE

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After all you've been through to fix your body, don't let a little more surgery scare you! I figure after going though some of these procedures, we are prepared for anything! And frankly, it is simply amazing what we have put our... READ COMMENT

P.S. After only four months, my scars are minimal. The problem is a bit awkward shape at the elbows. Not really bad enough to complain. Yes, it takes a year to heal perhaps until the scar turns white. Yes, I still have pain, but it... READ COMMENT

Ladies, I have had an armlift. I am 4 months out. It is not perfect. I could probably use a revision. However, it is so much better than I have lived with for decades, and I WILL wear sleeveless, something I have not done since I... READ COMMENT

I didn't have a drain after about two days. And realistically, my arms should have a revision, but I don't want to go back to Mexico. That being said, I am 67 years old, and while I wish I had perfectly shaped arms, my arms are so... READ COMMENT

There really is no way to be comfortable after a week. The arm pit is the worst. You will experience all kinds of pains as you heal, but you will forget most of it. I am at 3 months, and the nerve pain is sometimes intense and my... READ COMMENT