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29 y/o 5'7" 145lbs Implant Exchange 465cc HP Saline for 740cc "Gummy Bear" Tear Drop Silicone

My surgery is scheduled for Friday of this week. In addition to the implant exchange my PS determined that I also need a capsulectomy and capsulorraphy to address my capsular contracture on the left and sagging on the right. We decided to go with the new "gummy bear" tear drop silicone implant at 750cc to achieve a DD size end result. I would love to hear some thoughts and feedback. Blood... READ MORE

Questions from brazenbrazilian

How many cc of Silicone would I need in order to achieve DD from A sized breasts?

I currently have HP Saline implants filled to 465cc. Before my initial breast augmentation I was (barely) a 34A and am now a 34D. I am going to redo my breast augmentation and... READ MORE

I have HP saline 465cc size 34D, want to exchange for silicone to achieve 34DD. How many silicone cc will be required? (photo)

I have had the HP saline implants for 10 years and have noticed that the right breast is lower and seemingly smaller than the left and also the left breast is slightly firmer.... READ MORE

Are these stretch marks and bruising normal after breast augmentation?

I am 2 days post op with 740cc Natrelle 410 anatomical "gummy bear" implants. My surgery included a bilateral capsulectomy and capsulotomy. I noticed that I have some stretch... READ MORE

6 weeks post Breast Augmentation. What exercises can and cannot be done after?

I had a revision 6 weeks ago, open capsulectomy and capsulorraphy to correct capsular contracture and an implant exchange. I am very active, I go to the gym every day and would... READ MORE

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Bubba Irwin that was on the same season as Scott did one of my tattoos! He's my boss' brother. I'm going to see Scott at Ink N Iron in Long Beach, CA this weekend! Small world!!! READ COMMENT

Thanks babe! It's so crazy how they change just like that! READ COMMENT

Take your surgeon and nurses advice...that's always the best way to go! They are the professionals! If they are telling you 450 than go with that. Surgeon knows best READ COMMENT

You're the perfect candidate for Natrelle 410s! You will love the look of them! I am so happy I went with them!!! I think the cc's you chose will work well with what you currently have...I had much less breast tissue than you do now pre... READ COMMENT

I have Natrelle Style 410 FF (full height, full projection) 740cc...I went so high in cc's because I had ZERO breast tissue before... READ COMMENT