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Questions from jimB

Which injectable filler would be best? I want to get rid of my nasolabial fold wrinkles and soften my parenthesis. (photo)

I am developing wrinkles in my nasolabial folds. The folds themselves are not too deep but I look like I am cracking. There are think wrinkles in the crease which accumulate... READ MORE

Which injectable filler would be the best? (photo)

I would like to reduce/remove the wrinkles in the NSF fold and soften my parenthesis. Rather than a deep fold I look more like I am cracking around the nose and mouth.... READ MORE

5 days post op of Botox. Does the botox used for jaw reduction appear to be working? (photos)

I had botox performed five days ago. I am tracking my progress because it does not appear to be very noticeable. I am not sure if it is working for me and would like some... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons to having skin tightening procedures like Ultherapy before or after weightloss?

In my case I plan to lose more than 10 lbs. I am 33 year old. Would the skin tightening procedure be as effective after losing weight? Or is it better to have the procedure before? READ MORE

Can skin tightening and lazer treatments be effective on breast skin?

I am 33 and am a C cup. I would say my sagging is probably average for my breast type and age. I have never gained or lost an extreme amount of weight. I have had pelleve... READ MORE

Which chemical peel (type or strength) would improve my nasolabial folds and marionette lines the most? (photo)

I have seen some before and after photos of older patients who's smoker lines, marionette lines, and nasolabial folds were reduced to basically nothing. I have had filler,... READ MORE

The left side of my jaw is sagging and fattier/puffier than the right side. What are my options? (photos)

What surgical procedures could I get? Do you think this is fat or could it be caused by inflammation. I would prefer a younger/tighter jaw line anyway. The second photo is of... READ MORE

Could you tell me if I am a candidate for neck/jowel liposuction or a mini lift? (Photo)

I am in my early 30s so I expect to hear "no" in response to a lift. But I wanted to hear expert opinion. My concern is that the skin seems to be sagging especially on the left... READ MORE

After having hyaluronidase to remove a lump/hardening of Juvederm, how long must I wait before refilling the same area?

The injection on the right side of my face, is apparently much harder than the other side. It has been like this for a while but I really took no notice of. I am requesting... READ MORE

Is there a microscopic version of lasik that work on microscopic hair, ingrown hairs, and hair beneath the skin?

I have keratosis pilaris with causes slightly rough skin (on the butt). I have examined this under a microscope and it's apparently caused by hair encased in a keratin plug. If... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty to match the good side of a broken nose? (photos)

It's only apparent from certain angles. But somehow it makes my nose look much larger on my right side. The left side is much straighter and cuter. I would like a surgeon the... READ MORE

What is the process of removal of liposuction from one area and transfer to abdomen and buttock?

And also: is a butt "lift" tightening and removing of excess skin and can that be included? what is the cost? can the procedure be done in one day? about me: 35 and not... READ MORE

Should I go to a general practitioner or a gynecologist before arranging liposuction/butt lift?

I am 34, 5'6", and a bit less than 130 lbs. I have fat in my lower abdomen and I would like it removed and transferred to my stomach. But I have heard that ovarian cysts can... READ MORE

How does gravity affect a BBL?

A lot of post op pics have no butt lip. The butt is super high. That looks unnatural to me. Some have a lip. Does that depend on the Doctor's placement of the fat? Do the super... READ MORE

What laser treatments can be used to treat static 11's?

I am currently using botox and filler to improve the appearance of my 11's. However, the lines are still there. Even with filler the fine lines are very visible. I Some other... READ MORE

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What does it feel like to have botox ?

I read a study that said botox is being can be used to treat depression even though its not approved by the FDA. I read another that stated women who received injections had... READ MORE

What does it feel like to have this in your face?

I was wondering if Perlane affects sensations? Can your partner feel it when he/she is against your face? Over all what does it feel like in your face? Is it noticeable or not... READ MORE

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Hi I was wondering how the beletero is holding up. Have you had to get more injections? READ COMMENT

I suggest that you wait six months to a year, just so you don't repeat the same mistake twice. They actually look really good from the side. You should probably work it, rather than feel self-conscious. A lot of this is just in your... READ COMMENT

It looks very nice. Did you have any swelling or bruising after the injections? READ COMMENT