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Again, she is talking about a mummy type wrap. READ COMMENT

How can it be important to ALL wraps when it is talking about a particular "type" of wrap? The wraps she is referring to are those where they wrap you like a mummy. You can't apply tips from wraps like that to any other wrap. It would... READ COMMENT

While the article does have a lot of information they are talking about spa body wraps which are completely different than the It Works wrap. During a spa wrap you sweat. When you wrap with an ultimate body applicator you are not... READ COMMENT

Apparently doctors have been incredibly misled in their findings then.. The wraps are advertised to tighten, tone and smooth skin. And if you go back to eating and doing exactly what you were before the results definitely won't last.... READ COMMENT

The part about drinking water not flushing out toxins. Do we need to drink 8 glasses a day? No. Is water essential for our bodies and removing toxins? Yes. WebMD has an article that explains the benefits of drinking water. READ COMMENT