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Sculptra Nightmare - Encino, CA

On day 13- I'm at loss for words. My right cheek bone is swollen & I look deformed! I don't look like myself. My cheekbones look like my cats. I've had edema non stop. I have app on Wednesday I just don't know what to do. I have been massaging constantly but just swell. I've called doctor last week they said it's normal for up to 2 weeks! I was told they where suppose to massage me after... READ MORE

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Swollen 2 weeks after Sculptra injections, what should I do? (photos)

I had sculptra in cheek bones. Going on 2 weeks and my husbands even asked if I got cheek implants becuz cheeks n eyes are swollen. I look the Jim carey in the mask! My right... READ MORE

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Hi, miraculously , the kenalog helped. I have no lumps! My face was severely swollen for a month. However. Now I am pleased with results after the kenalog. However, I will never inject a synthetic in my face again!! Never, ever!!!!... READ COMMENT

Your not suppose to swell... But I did. I had a bad reaction to one vial. Most people swell for a day or two but mine was baddd. I'm okay now it took a month to go down. READ COMMENT

I'd do one... You never know what type if reaction u might get I had the worst... Looked like a swollen monster for a month... Goodlucj READ COMMENT

Damn. Ask the doctor to put a steroid, maybe it'll go away or go down. Apparently we're in on this crap for 2-5 even 10 yrs!! Big mistake!!!! On our end READ COMMENT

Linda, your face sounds like me. The lump on my right side got shot with kenalog steroid - I see a little going down on day 2- my doc just keeps brushing it off like oh this is coming along good.. I'm like wtf!!!! My right side seems... READ COMMENT