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How common is Calcification after fat transfer? Should I be concerned?

I had a fat transfer in February- and at this point I am worried about certain things that I did not know at the time I got my transfer. I had fat into my forehead, cheeks and... READ MORE

Calcification after facial fat grafting?

I had a fat grafting procedure about a month ago. I did not have a lot of fat injected. I know my Dr used 18 gauge needles. I had fat injected in my nasolabial folds, forhead... READ MORE

Can I have dermsbrasion 3 months after fat transfer?

I had a ( unsuccessful) dermabrasion in February. My skin looks now worse than before! I Wonder if I could try dermabrasion to improve texture, or will that make the fat die? READ MORE


I am a 30 y old woman with a lot of small scars and some bigger. I have been trying to find so eine who perform dermabrasion, as I have already have tried laser. Laser is... READ MORE

I had fat grafting 4 months ago (February). Since a month ago my skin texture is worse.

I had a fat grafting in feb. Since a month ago my skintexture is worse. Small white dots (not pimples), and the texture seem odd. Bigger poores. I also feel some lumps and It... READ MORE

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Hi- I am from Seattle- I experienced some years ago a trauma from fat grafting--- I was soo depressed and went through a hell. My dermatologist kond of saved me, since she actually could see what I was talking about (all other then her... READ COMMENT

It's a good product- I will def try retin A- in some way! Just need to take small steps, at this point I almost don't dare put on anything! Thank you so much for your support today!!! READ COMMENT

My skin is really odd, pores as big as they almost collapse into each other. Some has.. It is hard to do something, so afraid of making it worse. I been having very good pep- talks and advice from a very nice lady, She had some of the... READ COMMENT

And also, is your texture stabilized? It is so stressful.. READ COMMENT

What do you mean with sackcloth? I have also a odd texture. How many cc did you get? I am so stressed now, my skin and all was good 3 months later and now, 5 months later it is getting worse. The strange thing is that it is mostly on... READ COMMENT