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Is Red Light Therapy Safe While on Accutane?

I am talking about the home safety to use red light device as a photorejuvenation procedure wth Accutane devices like Baby Quasar or ANSR red light. Thanks! READ MORE

Is Topical Hyaluronic Acid Safe While on Accutane?

Hi, is it safe to apply topical Hyaluronic acid while on 30mg per day Accutane? READ MORE

Juvederm for Minor Laugh Lines?

I am 31 years and I am beginning to see slight laugh lines appear. Is Juvederm a safe treatment to treat shallow lines? If yes, would an accidental higher amount injected on... READ MORE

Is Juvederm Ultra Plus a Good Choice for Subtle Laugh Lines?

Hi. I Am 33 Years with Subtle Laugh Lines.My doctor suggested Juvederm Ultra Plus in one 0.8 syringe for both sides. Kindly advise if this would an ideal option for subtle... READ MORE

Juvederm Ultra Plus for Indented Smile Lines?

Hi. I Have Fine Lines (Nasolabial Area) or Smile Lines, with a Minor Indentation. These lines look more pronounced when I wear make up. I consulted a well known doctor and she... READ MORE

Post Juvederm Care and Skincare

Hi. I am 33 years old with acne prone skin and started to notice minor smile lines (nasolabial area). I am considering Juvederm Ultra Plus procedure. My query is whether I can... READ MORE

How EEFECTIVE and SAFE is Red Light Therapy (LED)

Hi. I have been meaning to invest in LED red light therapy for fine lines (smile lines around mouth). The Baby quasar is one such product which is supposed to be a hand held... READ MORE

Second Session of Juvederm

Juvederm Second Session : I Am 33 Years with Mild Smile Lines Which Looked More Pronounced Under Makeup. I had juvederm ultra plus (one syringe on both sides) and was quite... READ MORE

Can LED Red Light Therapy Cause or Worsen Hyperpigmentation?

 I purchased the Baby Quasar md red light. At first, the results were quite good. But now,  I am beginning to notice that my old acne scars that had faded completely... READ MORE

Thermage Nxt or Cpt?

I am 35 looking to achieve a more contoured and tightened look using non invasive procedures. My derm pushed me towards Thermage The confusion is whether I should choose the... READ MORE

Is a facelift advisable at 37? If so, which one? I am experiencing mild droop in the midface and jowls

There are to many medical terms that explain different kinds of facelifts: Mini lift, SMAS, and the Short scar among others, and I'm mighty confused which one is best suited... READ MORE

What is the average recovery time for a mini facelift? Within what duration can post-operative complications occur?

I am 38 years and plan to travel to the US for a mini facelift. I need to understand by when is a patient well past the post operative complication stage and can safely travel... READ MORE

Is it a good idea to choose a plastic surgeon through an independent PS consultant?

Hi. I am looking to travel to the US for a mini facelift. While online research (and before/after pictures) does provide a basic understanding about the skills and experience... READ MORE

What is a PDO thread lift? Is it the same as contour lift? Or is it a newer version of a non surgical thread lift?

Seemingly this procedure was invented in SE Asia and the before afters are quite good. However, not much information is available about the PDO dermal thread lift aka Embedded... READ MORE

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Kindly suggest the best surgeon for facelift

I am considering a mini lift as don't yet have too much sagging; and trying to achieve a refreshed appearance.. Have been researching extensively and still trying to decide... READ MORE

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Thank you so much for sharing all the useful info and pictures .. It truly truly helps. He has done an amazing job and this is just the beginning stage of your recovery! I too am considering Dr. Nettle now, sharing your journey will... READ COMMENT

Awesome results! Who was the surgeon who performed this? READ COMMENT