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Do you have pictures? It's very hard to know if your case is genuine without them. READ COMMENT

From these pics, you definitely do not look sick and gross. You look much much better now that the implants have been taken out and I can see from your face that you already have very nice and high prominent cheekbones. You didn't need... READ COMMENT

I can see in this pic that you look much much better. I can't believe this is 6 days post op. Once all the swelling and brusing goes down you will be back to your old self. From everything I read on-line, the body is a great healer and... READ COMMENT

Hey "Plastic surgery nightmare" - I had a similiar procedure done to yours but with silicone implants. If you need someone to talk to send me a private message. READ COMMENT

Yes, you can see the asymmetry from the left and right side. I think that if there is underlying asymmetry that implants can just highlight this as they sit on the bone. I know you decided to get them out from reading through the posts.... READ COMMENT