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I had the $500.00 CO2 laser resurfacing. READ COMMENT

I had red dots all over my face, some of them bled a tiny bit, and some brown areas peeled -- but they were very small areas, not my whole face. As I mentioned, my skin looked noticeably different after six months. READ COMMENT

Also, I want to add that with my laser procedure, there was no real peeling -- and Dr. Tabush told me that I shouldn't expect that. If you research CO2 fraxel resurfacing, you will find that the resurfacing doesn't really occur because... READ COMMENT

I had laser resurfacing by Dr. Tabush, but it wasn't in the OR; it was done in his office. In other words, it wasn't the "deepest" resurfacing that he does. He put numbing cream on my face and ordinarily gives a valium to sedate, but... READ COMMENT