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First Time Getting Fillers: Tear Trough W/ Belotero (Plus Botox) - Carlsbad, CA

I just got Belotero yesterday in my tear trough area. I am a bruiser so expected to bruise and I did (Dr also warned that I would most likely leave bruised & swollen). The left eye (my right) looked amazing immediately but it is hard to tell on the right side (my left) as there was a lot of swelling & bruising. Right now it looks like I will need more Belotero on the right side since it looks... READ MORE

Questions from GenJenn

Do I have malar edema? (photo)

These pics are from day 3 after getting Belotero in my tear troughs (day 4 looks as bad). I bruised badly which I expected but there is a large lump (looks like a water sack... READ MORE

Do I need to get more filler or have my Belotero dissolved? Edema? Help! This is 5 days post... - (Photos)

Worried that this large lump is not going to go down. Looks like a "water sack" and believe it is edema. Will this go away on it's own? I'm reading horror stories on here and... READ MORE

Why is botox causing my glabella lines to look worse after treatment? (photo)

I've been getting botox for 10-15 yrs and I've had it happen a few times now where my glabella lines actually look worse after treatment. It actually FEELS like I'm force... READ MORE

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These are GREAT tips. My first experience with tear trough filler (Belotero) was a NIGHTMARE. I had horrible bruising & lumpiness that lasted months. Eventually had it dissolved by a new Dr who then used Restylane and a cannula. I... READ COMMENT

I should also add that I went to a new dr and she only uses a cannula and I had ZERO bruising the first time (SHOCKING after what I went through the other dr). The second time I did have some slight bruising but not too bad. NOTHING... READ COMMENT

WOW. You still have great results. I actually ended up having my belotero dissolved, then got restylane instead. I've actually had it done TWICE since then. Apparently my body metabolizes it super quick. Same with my botox. Wish there... READ COMMENT

Not really any better. I am afraid I have edema. The one side is pretty flat but has the dark red injection mark and the other side still has the large "water bag" looking lump. =( I'm going in to see my Dr. on Tues. How are you... READ COMMENT

I iced the area pretty good the day of. I haven't massaged really because it looks so tender but am going to give it a try now. I started using Arnica last night...a little late but worth a try! =) READ COMMENT