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I'm interested to know, what is the smallest breast augmentation you've done?

I am currently an A (former B but have had tissue lost from nursing) and would like to go back to a large A or very small B. I do not want large breasts, simply to fill in lost... READ MORE

I am seeking moderate enhancement, from a post-pregnancy A to a B. Are my small, round, high expectations unrealistic? (photo)

I've been to a surgeon who had me try on some 300cc implants and to me they look matronly. I had hoped for a high, round, perky result. I am told that my torso is very long so... READ MORE

Learned I have a wide BWD (16cm) - can I still fill my deflated A cup with a small implant to achieve a B? (photo)

I feel discouraged after my consultation. I was hoping for a very small high projection implant to fill out my upper pole and look proportionate. 5'2, 115lbs. The surgeon told... READ MORE

Implant higher than right after surgery; swelling due to possible hematoma? (photos)

I am 8 days out from a breast augmentation with 275cc silicone "unders." My left implant is dropping and feeling fine, despite some minor bruising and incision irritation. My... READ MORE

What is the prognosis for normal healing after a hematoma has been evacuated?

Thanks to the realself surgeons, I was able to diagnose and seek treatment for my hematoma. I am now 5 days postop from the evacuation and my PS says the incisions are looking... READ MORE

My PS used deep support sutures in my BA, I think to create symmetry and correct minor drooping. Is this common?

I am 6 weeks post BA and having terrible stabbing rib pain that comes and goes. My PS's nurse JUST informed me that internal sutures were used to support the fold, and the pain... READ MORE

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I think it depends on where the bruising is. One side of mine was bruised but it absorbed. The other bled so badly it pushed the implant out of place and was too big to reabsorb. Plus they say if you let is reabsorb it can lead to... READ COMMENT

I had bruising and was very uneven 5-8 days after surgery. The swollen and bruised side ended up have a hematoma. Keep an eye on that side and call the doc if it hurts girl. I had to have a second surgery to remove it but now am 6 weeks... READ COMMENT

Best. Results. Ever. This is exactly what I want and I'm feeling the pressure from the surgeon's office to go bigger. Thank you for reinforcing the notion that small is sexy! I'm stealing your "after" as my wish pic, FYI. Thanks again!... READ COMMENT

So glad you didn't go bigger than that. You look incredible. READ COMMENT