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Big News on Fat Transfer Lumps: One Year, 3 Corrections Later - Atlanta, GA

I had fat transferred under my eyes a year ago. The bruising lasted for months, and to this day, I still have pigmentation problems under my eyes - I look like a football player with black grease under his eyes (not that bad, but you get the picture). The biggest problem though was the uneveness of the fat on each side. One area was higher than the other, and when I smile, the area on either... READ MORE

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Plastic Surgeon Vs. Cosmetic Surgeon with Excellent Credentials for Abdomen Lipo

I have an appointment for abdomenal lipo with reputable derma-cosmetic surgeon who's done "hundreds" of lipos. Credentials are excellent, he teaches at prestigious medschool,... READ MORE

Love Handles Uneven Right After Liposuction

I had abdominal lipo yesterday, and the right and left sides of my waist are distinctly uneven. My left side cuts in sharply at the bottom of my rib cage, while the right side... READ MORE

Post-lipo Compression Garment Bunches Up Fat in Between the Hooks

I've read here about PostLipo compression garments. The two I use after my abdominal lipo 2 days ago hurt and have hooks 2"-3" apart on sides underneath the zippers. Fat... READ MORE

Dark Dents Under Eyes 7 Months After Fat Transfer

I'm a 50 year old woman who had fat tranfer under my eyes 7 mo ago. Had severe bruising for weeks, which changed into dark horizontal lines under my eyes that look slightly... READ MORE

Has Ulthera Ever Been Used (Intentionally or Not) to Correct a Bad Fat Transfer to the Face?

Several doctors on this site advise Ulthera candidates to have the procedure done before fat transfer because Ult could reduce the results of FT. Has Ult ever been used... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Fat Transfer Removal From Face? (photo)

I had fat transfer under my eyes/top of cheeks 2 years ago with terrible results. The area is uneven& lumpy, with hard little beads underneath. There are zillions of... READ MORE

Would Ultrasound Identify What the Hard Lumps Under my Eyes (Fat Transfer 3 Years Ago) Consist Of? (photo)

I have hard internal lumps under my eyes/ on the top of my cheekbones from a bad fat transfer 3 years ago. Would ultrasound identify exactly what the lumps are made of - cysts,... READ MORE

Recommendations for a Doctor Located in Georgia Who Treats Lumps from Old Fat Grafting Under Eyes (Steroid or 5fu Injections)?

I have hard lumps under my eyes after a bad fat transfer 3 years ago. Thank you Dr Glasgold who answered that correction thru a process of injections takes over 6 months.... READ MORE

I Need a Recommendation for a Doctor in the Atlanta Area?

I need a recommendation for a doctor in the Atlanta area who can do steroid injections in scar tissue. I had fat transfer several years ago and have small, hard lumps under the... READ MORE

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Unoq, thanks for the really intersting post. I hadn't ever seen Katie00's posts. I had cool sculpting on my stomach. The fat gets sucked in between 2 plates, and for a long time, I had these straight demarcation lines where the bottom... READ COMMENT

Someone in these threads gave a video link to a doctor who uses ultherapy to break up disfiguring lumps caused by illegal injections (fillers). It seems promising, but I can't find any info on using ulthera for scar tissue. A clinical... READ COMMENT

JaneSt, I'm so sorry it's not working anymore. Thank you for reporting back - I know you have been treating the lumps for quite some time and must be even more frustrated than many of us on this thread. If what we all have is actually... READ COMMENT

What is bbl? READ COMMENT

I didn't see the comments and don't know what happened, but anyone who says anything bad about GFGB will face a firewall of fury on this site. That girl had a bad event and turned around to help many so people like me who went through... READ COMMENT