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Full Body Transformation - Beverly Hills, CA

Breast lift, internal bra and augmentation 750cc silicone Liposuction of knees, thighs, love handles and arms Total of 2 liters of fat removed Brazilian Butt lift 700cc in each check Did the breasts in April 2016 (2nd BA) And the Lipo and BBL in August of 2016. Rough year but incredible at the same time! I'm finally the woman I've always wanted to be with the help of very talented... READ MORE

Complete Transformation - Beverly Hills, CA

Total face reconstruction -Chin, neck and jowel lipsuction -gum etching to correct gummy smile -lip fillers -chin filler (below lip) -rhinoplasty -filler under eyes -filler in cheeks -Botox for brow lift -chemical peels ranging from medium depth to light peels -permanent makeup, eyebrows, eyeliner and lips READ MORE

Under Eye Bumps/pores - Santa Monica, CA

I thought I had milia, then Syringoma and when I went in for my consult the doctor told me it was just enlarged pores under my eyes. I've had these nasty lil guys for 10 years and have had no success with creams or exfoliants. The bumps had a texture that couldn't be concealed with makeup and overall made me look older then my true age. The doctor told me about a laser treatment called Clear... READ MORE

26YO 140lb BBL - Beverly Hills, CA

Scheduled my BBL today with Justin Yovino. I've been a patient of his for years and really looking forward to it. We are going to do lipo on the flanks, thighs, knees and maybe abdomen and expect to transfer about 600 cc to my hips and butt. I'm hoping to achieve a fuller buttom with rounder hips while still looking natural. I like to keep em guessing! I have my surgery at 9am PST today... READ MORE

Internal Bra, Implant Exchange and Donut Lift. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I had 500 cc saline implants with bottoming out and lots of wrinkling. The pockets were also too large for the implant. I scheduled a revision with Dr.Revis on 04/13. He switched out my 500 cc saline implants to 750 cc silicone. He also gave me a donut lift and an internal bra using my existing scar tissue. 5 days post op and I feel minimal pain. The swelling is coming down and already the... READ MORE

Have Been Getting Fillers over the Past Two Years, my True Before and After - Beverly Hills, CA

This review isn't just for Juvederm but I will start with It. I have my entire face filled and I have Juvederm in my lips, about 1.25 syringes over 2 sessions. I also have Juvederm under my bottom lip filling a little dimple under my chin and I have 1 syringe of it in my cheeks. These amounts are approximate..give or take .5 cc. I have Restylane under my eyes, initially that was 3 syringes... READ MORE

My First Plastic Surgery Ever... Sucked! - New York

SO I had alwayssss admired a bustier figure and saved for 6 months to get my BA done. I was 20 years old and this is before I had any education on how to pick a doctor or realized you get what you pay for. I heard Dr. Greenbergs ads on the radio and thought "oh wow he can afford advertising so he much be great" LOL at my former self. I was so freakin excited I should have paid more attention... READ MORE

Deep Hollows Under Eyes Since a a Child, Fillers Are the Only Option! - Studio City, CA

I have had deep hollows under neath my eyes since I was a child. I always assumed it was dark circles from poor nutrition or lack of sleep. After doing my research turns out that its a genetic thing and theres no cream that could plump me up enough to make a real difference. I went to my favorite med spa, Dr. Berkleys in Studio City and we ended up putting 3 WHOLE SYRINGES under my eyes! Yes I... READ MORE

Extra Fat on Chin, Neck and Jowls..gone in an Hour! - Beverly Hills, CA

No matter what weight Im at Ive always had a handful of fat underneath my chin that made me feel gross and really took away from my profile (thanks mom) I did some research and came across Dr. Yovinos office. In my consult he made me feel so comfortable and really addressed all of my concerns. I was awake during surgery which was kind of embarrassing because I said a lot of funny stuff on that... READ MORE

Now I Can Smile Without Covering my Mouth! - Studio City, CA

Ive always had a really apparent gummy smile which made me so embarrassed to laugh. I was going to get botox but my doc told me it would limit my mouth movement in awkward ways, like I wouldn't be able to sip coffee without dribbling on myself. So I asked my dentist about it and we discussed cutting my gums back. I did it the same day I had my wisdom teeth removed. Oh it was so so... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty I Got the Works! - Beverly Hills, CA

Im 24 and have been wanting to alter my nose since I was 12. After I was referred to Dr. Ghavami and had my consult I decided to just go for it. Turns out there was actual medical issues with my nose which makes my breathing awful. I thought everyone just breathed that way. So I got squeezed in a week later because of a cancelation. Ghavami knows his way around a nose thats for sure! He came... READ MORE

Stomach Needs Tightening - Studio City, CA

Got my first treatment today on my stomach. I workout frequently but I always focus on my legs and glutes. I am at my goal weight but i have a little extra tummy going on that Ive been wanting to reduce and tighten. The treatment was so relaxing and enjoyable that I fell asleep! I scheduled my second treatment for next week already. After the treatment my stomach feels warm but not... READ MORE

Questions from 100ktransformation

Do I have a 'webbed nose'? Is this extra skin on my nose effecting how high my nasolabial folds raise when smiling? (photos)

My smile bothers me because of how long/deep/high my nasolabial folds are. I got fillers a year ago in my nasolabial folds and didn't see much of a difference. I recently... READ MORE

I have recently received a BBL surgery. Can I use red light therapy on my bum to help establish a blood supply faster? (photo)

Bbl was done 2 days ago I have a medical grade decive called Celluma which is FDA approved. A total of 1400 cc was transferred so I want to retain as much fat as possible. My... READ MORE

What happened to my smile? (Photos)

Hi I've noticed that my smile from 3 years ago is way different then my smile now. My current smile is uneven, painful and my top teeth aren't as visible. I religiously get... READ MORE

Are there any non surgical options to reduce my cankles? (Photos)

The front view bothers me the most as you can see the fat protrudes. I don't even wear dresses anymore because it's so embarrassing. What are my options? Even at my most lean... READ MORE

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Thank you! No I'm Totally done with face and body READ COMMENT

Red light seriously works on everything even cellulite your going to love it, just made sure you buy a good one. Personally I think the celluma is the best option because it's bendable and covers a large surface area. Baby Quasar is a... READ COMMENT

They have a website, just google celluma and it will come up :) READ COMMENT

I used red light therapy primarily to heal my scars. I used an over the counter clear gel that looked and smelled like nail polish as well but I don't remember the name READ COMMENT

Omg sorry this popped up in my feed I thought it was a question for me sorry! READ COMMENT