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Doctor Review

Office Review: Dr. Ransom and Dee Dee

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10 Jan 2017, Updated 6 days ago

Evan Ransom, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Dr. Ransom and Dee are awesome, I just want to give you a BIG Thank You for taking the time to direct me in the right direction to have ThermiTight done with Dr. James Anthony. Dee informed me that Dr. Ransom does Thermi on the face, however, a great Dr. in the same building does Thermi on the body. If it wasn't for you I would maybe never have known about Dr. Anthony. So, now to pay it... READ MORE

Treatment Review

Yesterday Had ThermiTight


10 Jan 2017, Updated 6 days ago

Great day, no pain, not much swelling :)) My legs are elevated above heart. I'm wearing compression hoses 40 mmhg and Ace Bandage on arms, this helps with swelling. Went on a walk, I'll have to skip the gym for a few days. My procedure cost $4,800 for arms, knees and above knees. The $500 is... READ MORE

Doctor Review

phenomenal bed-side manner

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10 Jan 2017, Updated 7 days ago

James Anthony, MD

5 out of 5 stars

I'm ecstatic, my knees and arms were done today with ThermiTight, I'm very confident I'll finally look terrific and not like a prune and my arms that jiggles and wiggles back and forth like jello, will be gone. My outlook and self confidence will soar and I'll be the best me I can be all due to Doctor Anthony, what a God send. The ThermiTight procedure, produces fantastic results, and the... READ MORE

Great Results and Great Doctor :D

Dr. Khattab is so honest and not at all greedy, yesterday I had a Micro Laser peel and paid for the intensity of 10 microns, however, prior to starting the procedure doctor asked me if downtime was not an issue 20 microns would achive better results, did not even care about the money, just interested in making me look my best. Staff is just as friendly as the Doctor! READ MORE

No Change - Arms/Knees

My knees and arms were done, there is no change. This procedure does work, I have seen several pictures and will try with another Doctor. I'm 5'5" and 105 pounds, my expatations was only a 50% improvement. With the right Doctor this is a great procedure, I hope to have this done again with a doctor in San Francisco or Beverely Hills. READ MORE

Office review - Dr. Emer's Front Desk - Laura

This is for Laura your the best!!! Thank you for the follow-up on my questions/concerns, and I can tell from the responses to my e-mails on Friday you have such a kind patient/attitude. Hope to make the drive out from Sacramento in the Summer or the set-up appointment on Skype (if I can figure it out) :D READ MORE

It's All About the Doctor - San Ramon, CA

Dr. Gladstone's bedside manner, patience, integrity and follow up protocol is phenomenal, I no longer look hollow and sunken and it's all in the experience of the injector; in addition, the different types of placement used and different depths of placement. Dr. Gladstone is a heaven sent, at my age I need the Best of the Best I'm I'm so grateful I found my BPF - Best Physician Forever :D READ MORE

Profound Lift - Knees - San Ramon, CA

I had Profound Lift on my sagging knees and the area above, the results look really promising. This is a one time procedure with several passes on the area, unlike Infini with several procedure and three passes and results in my opinion were disappointing. In a few months I'll post an after picture. Maybe 20% improvement, not too sureā€¦. READ MORE

Not Worth It - San Ramon, CA

I purchased a package of three treatments for my face, they were scheduled four weeks apart. I'll see the Doctor in four week for follow up pictures, however, I'm sad to say I still have lip lines with minor improvement on my face. For the amout of money I spent I expected much more improvement in wrinkles. I'm thinking for those of you out there inquire if a nurse does the procedure or a... READ MORE

Waste of Money (Area Above Knees) - Stockton, CA

I'm always looking for ways to improve the appearance of the area above my knees. I purchased 8 sessions thinking more is better was I wrong, it did not work. I wish I purchased 4 sessions, noticed that there were no results and saved my money. It hurts too. I wish I knew why some procedures work wonders for some, the RN that worked on the me is really good. Four sessions of Tripollar and... READ MORE

PicoWay Resolve - Elk Grove, CA

After one treatment with PicoWay Resolve for fine lines and sagging at the jaw, I could see the results. I'm really thrilled of a non-invasive procedure with no downtime. Two more procedures are required to see the full results. After my disappointment with Thermage (Not from Dr. Khattab), I was unsure if this would work and it really does, however, I'm certain as is always seen on realself is... READ MORE

Waste of money greedy doctor - Sacramento, CA

The Doctor performed Thermage on my calves. Nothing changed but my pocketbook. The skin on my calves have dimpling because of liposuction. When I returned in 2012, she indicated, oh, we can try Venus Freeze for $2,700 and took a SECOND consultation fee. When I mentioned this to two plastic surgeons they were in disbelief that a doctor would do Thermage and then to suggest Venus Freeze,... READ MORE

Coolsculpting on Inner Thighs - Elk Grove, CA

The end results will be determined in October, this was a four hour procedure, two areas on both inner thighs for an hour each, I read a book and watched TV :) There is no pain, just a vacumming sensation on the area treated. Measurements and pictures taken, have an update soon. I'm 5'5" and 104 lbs and walk 6 miles a day, my thighs are ok, however, they needed a little touch up without going... READ MORE

Velashape III Thighs, Calves and Buttocks - Elk Grove, CA

I'm having the procedure done for dimpling on Buttocks and Thighs, in addition, my calves are being done for skin tightening... Keep you posted on results, I'm doing 3 sessions on each area, however, the thigh area is divided into 3 sections. For a total of 15 appointments. Pictures and measurements were taken, I'll have full results soon. I'm having the procedure done for dimpling on... READ MORE

Wasted Money - Sacramento, CA

Wasted my money on having a bulky vein injected. Her personality is not kind very business like. I now see a doctor that is very honest, my bulky vein is now being treated for the same price, it too did not shut down, my current Doctor is the BESt he does not charge me fro a repeat procedure and does a follow-up appointments without charge. Dr Anne never did a follow up guess the $$$$$ is more... READ MORE

Best Doctor Ever!!!!!!!!! - Sacramento, CA

Dr. Yahamata is honest, kind and a TRUE perfectionist, my neck and lower face look 10 years younger. I'll be seeing Dr Yahamata in a few more years for eye lift. If your at the faint of heart this procedure is not for you. The tight feeling in the face and neck is expected, for me, it lasted seven months and was gone. There are no signs of stitch marks :)) READ MORE

Questions from bsyasabee

I have a chin implant. Should I avoid Radiesse & Microneedling in the area?

Is it safe to use Radiesse to fill in the pre-jowl grove? In addition, I had an Infini procedure done, the nurse avoided the chin area, however, I was wondering was this necessary? READ MORE

Area above the knees and knees, Infini RF or Profound Lift? (photo)

I have wrinkles on my knees and some sagging above the knees, is it worth it to have Infini or Profound Lift? Or Infini on Knees and Profound Lift on the area above the knees?... READ MORE

Recent comments from bsyasabee

I can tell, I see the tightening, however, the results even though it's one week is much better than last time. READ COMMENT

I just had ThermiTight done Monday, I'll post results in June :)) READ COMMENT

Oh, I did, today, I'll post pictures in six months, My procedure was done by a Doctor that is skilled in liposuction. I think dermatologist should stick with skin procedures and anything that uses a prob should be left for the experts... READ COMMENT

Did you have a stacked procedure, I'm thinking about seeing Doctor Henry, however, $6,000 is a ton of money for one procedure? READ COMMENT

Wow, I know you live in San Francisco, however, if you have family in Sacramento, go see Dr. Wayne Yahamata. He is top notch, he did my face, neck lift with a chin implant and you can't see any scars. I wish you the best. READ COMMENT