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Worried about my left profile but happy with my right profile 2 weeks post-rhinoplasty. Cause for concern or just swelling?

My nose looks lovely and slopey when I look at it/take photos of it from the right side of my face. However, when I do the same on the left side of my face, it looks a bit too... READ MORE

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Your swelling is definitely improving!! There's been a massive change between the 19th March and 23rd March and it looks like it's only going to get better! READ COMMENT

Hi, great results! You look amazing! I had my rhinoplasty operation 2 weeks ago and I'm quite happy with the results although I'm a bit concerned about a slight bump on one side of my nose... In regards to the bump you had, did it end... READ COMMENT

Hi! AMAZING result, congratulations! Just a quick question regarding that little bump you found...I had the same procedure performed 2 weeks ago and I'm noticing the same thing on one of my sides. I'm hoping it's just swelling though,... READ COMMENT

Hi! Congrats on the operation! Your results are fantastic. I had mine 11 days ago and had my cast taken off 3 days ago and haven't looked back :) So far I'm quite happy although I seem to be having the same problem you were having back... READ COMMENT

I got mine done the same day as you!! So far so good from my end. I got my cast off last Friday and my nose is changing every day. I'm still a bit swollen, particularly on the left side, but I'm already quite happy with what I see. Hope... READ COMMENT