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Cheek implants or filler? Will this correct bags and shadowing on upper cheek?

I have very week cheek bones and i wanting to get them enhanced. Im thinking about cheek implants as they are supposed to be sharper looking then filler. I have bags/line at... READ MORE

Can a Mandible Jaw implant be salvaged if a little exposed?

I am 2 months post op from getting mandible implant. One of the sides once the swelling went down (1.5 months post op), showed a little part of the top of the implant at the... READ MORE

Jaw angle implants done external rather then intra oral. Will scarring be bad? Risks? And photo's of past patients scars?

I had jaw implants twice now and they have got infected both times on each side intra-oral. I really like the look but don't want to risk intra-oral again. I am thinking of... READ MORE

Could pec implant help the look of my chest? Is there a way to close the gap and even out nipples? (Photo)

Is there a way to close the gap a little? Or even out my nipples. Would pec implants improve the look of my chest or make it look stranger. READ MORE