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Youngest age to get a Chin Augmentation?

I am a current 17 year old junior in high school with probably the weakest jaw EVER, and a large overbite and openbite (I am a male). My parents have already agreed to getting... READ MORE

Does jaw surgery fix openbite and overbite?

I have a very recessed jaw (17 year old male) and also a large openbite and overbite. My parents are wondering if I can get a chin implant now, and then get braces later to fix... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Jaw surgery or chin implant? (photos)

I have a very recessed jawline, along with a huge overbite + openbite. I am a 18 year old male. Originally I was set on having jaw surgery, but because of the high cost and... READ MORE

Getting chin implant instead of jaw surgery?

I have a MASSIVE overbite and MASSIVE openbite, along with a terribly recessed jawline. I am thinking can I simply get a chin implant, and then braces? Or will the teeth go... READ MORE

Braces make weak jawline even worse?

I've always had a weak jawline, and am going to get jaw surgery in a year after braces. After getting braces, my jawline was weakened ever further, because it's harder to close... READ MORE

Shifting jaw forward to fix overjet?

I have an overjet along with many other bite problems. I'm getting orthognathic surgery in 1yr. My chin is also recessed. When I move my lower jaw forward so that my overjet is... READ MORE