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Great initial consultation, my mind is now made up!!

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Tummy Tuck

22 Apr 2017, Created 2 months ago

Jeremy Pyle, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Had my initial consultation with Dr. Pyle for a full tummy tuck, and it was very informative. He was very professional, but very easy to talk to and very thorough on explaining/answering any question that, such as drawing diagrams so that I clearly understood. He didn't tell me "what I wanted to hear" it was based on his experience as a surgeon and "my body type" and that was very... READ MORE

40 Year Old 3 Children/ Need to Rid of the Midsection (Fat/Flab) - Durham, NC

I am scheduled for smart lipo this week, i have been researching for 2 years, but keep putting it off, at my initial interest i was at 135, (I am 5'3), and at that weight just a little sucking in hid my pooch/flab. Now about 2 years later, i have gained 15lbs, and in process of losing it, I must say i carry my weight well, but "aint no hiding my midsection" at this weight, so it has to go... READ MORE

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You look great. I have a corset that i ordered about 2yrs ago, when i was at that 15lbs lighter time, and i bought it a bit too small ( have have to check was size it is) but there was an opening in the back of mine as well, my... READ COMMENT