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What would cause a lump to appear two months after Belotero Balance Injections in the tear troughs? (photos)

I had Belotero Balance injected into my tear troughs (superficially) about two months ago. I had no swelling, only a few bruises, and given that my hollows and bags were very... READ MORE

How can the shadowing at the corners of my mouth be best addressed? (photos)

I have (amongst other issues of which I am, sadly, very aware) puffy little pockets at the corners of my mouth that are driving me crazy. What can be done to address this... READ MORE

What nonsurgical procedures can address (at least somewhat) extreme facial asymmetry? (photos)

My face is extremely asymmetrical. I am aware there is no such thing as perfect symmetry as far as we humans are concerned, but as I age (which is super-duper fun) I've begun... READ MORE

What options are there to repair the damage done by raging hormonal acne? (photo)

I am 37 and beginning around 25 I developed horrific hormonal acne. It was cystic, deep, painful, long-lasting, and without fail there were always marks left by hyper... READ MORE

Why would Hyaluronidase fail to dissolve Perlane 5 months after injections? (Photo)

I had Perlane injected around the sides of my mouth. I was overfilled. There was minimal swelling. Essentially, it looked exactly like my pictures from a couple days after it... READ MORE