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Asian Rhinoplasty, Alarplasty, Double Eyelids, Lateral Canthoplasty, Forehead Augmentation Via Fat Transfer - Cheras, Malaysia

I have researched a long time on clinics in Korea. Eventually decided not to go, as I worry the complications should anything goes wrong. Anyway I found Dr. Cheong You Wei and booked a consultation just to see how he is as a doctor and to hear what he thinks I needed done on my face. He was quiet at first and listen tentatively to all the complains that I pointed on my face. He did agree with... READ MORE

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I'm not suprised you are unable to find testimonials online. Plastic surgery is a taboo subject and not many Malaysians are willing to discuss their own ps experience. READ COMMENT

I started going out with concealer after the 7th day. Did sneak out for McDonald's on the fifth day though. Haha! READ COMMENT

Hi Soze, it was quite a gamble at first because I have never heard of this doctor or have I seen his work. All my research then were on clinics in Korea. Anyway, I decided not to have my surgery in korea as I worry the complications... READ COMMENT

The wasn't much pain after the surgery. If of a scale of 10, I would probably say 2. There were significant bruising and swelling the first week. Recovery was speedy after I passed the first week.. READ COMMENT