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Breast Reduction 36H (UK), 36J (US) - Hoping for 36C

I typed my “story” and then decided who wants to read a novel... you want a snapshot, so here it is... Age 13 – Size 34DD, 6 Jeans; started getting headaches, hated running, embarrassed to wear swim suits, nicknames like double bubble… ugh! Age 19 – Size 34F/G, 6 Jeans; migraines, neck/back/shoulder pain (tried yoga, personal trainer, supportive ugly bras, eye doctor for headaches,... READ MORE

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My measurements are the same as your Savannah May LOL I have been wearing a 36D bra and I think this is where I will stay. READ COMMENT

I will try to remember to take some tonight! READ COMMENT

I called PS too, told him that I cut below knot pulled a piece out, peroxide, neosporin and he said... perfect. Not worried. :) READ COMMENT

I was so small right after, they were pulled really high and tight. It actually worried me. Then they got swollen and I questioned if they were too big, now one month post I already love them even with end of the day swelling. Patience... READ COMMENT

Ugh stupid phone... sorry typos, calling my PS tomorrow. READ COMMENT