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Composite & Porcelain Veneers in Cancun Mexico Yesss!!!!

Okay so I've been wanting to get my teeth done for a minute. I had priced it with my dentist and others and it always seemed a ridiculous price. That's when I decided to start looking outside the U.S. once again. I knew it would be a hassle of getting it together, but become fond of these medical vacations. Through google I found a site medigo that list about 5 countries. 3 of them being... READ MORE

Sailine Breast Implant Replacement with Silicone and 2nd Lift W/ Miami Dr. Ortega - Miami, FL

So last year I wanted to get a 2nd BA when I did my BBL and Rhinoplasty with Dr. Contreras in the DR. I ultimately waited and decided to do it this year in the states. Invented though I would pay more I felt more secure for breast work. I looked at my former Doctor who did my previous surgery but within 2 years my breast were sagging again after he did a parieloa lift. After much research on... READ MORE

New Body Count Down BBL, BA Replacement, & Rhinoplasty Dominican Republic, DO

It's official! I have stalked this site to no ends of the earth! I have waited patiently to decide on what to do for the BIG Birthday around the corner. So here we are less than 4 weeks away till I descend upon the DR for my new look and body. 1st let me say I work out all the time. I'm one of those women who never wants to gain weight. After having dem' babies I have gotten back down to 110... READ MORE

Septoplasty with Dr. Kevin Smith - Houston, TX

So I have always hated how big my nose was. It has never seemed to fit my face. So I decided after I had lasik surgery to get my nose done. I first contacted Dr, Vitenas in Clear Lake, He is an excellent plastic surgeon and his estheticians do great facials. He quoted my $10,000 for a rhinoplasty and he informed me that I had a deviated septum. I then followed up with a ENT specialist later... READ MORE

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You look soooo good. Great post. READ COMMENT

I'm 5ft ... I'm thinking Cabral or bs k to contreras. I side of my butt is slightly bigger than the other so I want it corrected with my dudes filled out READ COMMENT

I went to contreras and I look great and he had very little to work with. No plastic surgery will be perfect because no one heals the same. If you take care of your body you wil bs fine. READ COMMENT

I can't wait to see your results. The first day after is hell so good luck! READ COMMENT