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What would be my recommended Permalip implant size for both upper and lower? (photo)

I've been to two consultations. One doctor said he typically only does 4mm. The second doctor told me because my upper lip practically disappears when I smile that she would... READ MORE

Once Permalip tunnels are created will there be scar tissue if implants are removed 1 month post op?

I had Permalip implants placed in my upper and lower lips exactly one month ago. I'm going to have my doctor remove them in 3 days. Will there be scar tissue from the tunnel... READ MORE

Can any doctor explain how the lips heal after Permalip removal?

I had Permalip implants in for 1 month and had them removed last Friday (1 week ago). There doesn't seem to be any information on recovering from implant removal. My smile is... READ MORE

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Your lips still look great! I'm seriously considering driving down to have Dr. Kim do mine. READ COMMENT

100% regret getting mine done and I would never recommend anyone getting them. Juvederm still feels like your natural lip. Permalips feel fake and stiff and there's way too much room for error and if for whatever reason they don't work... READ COMMENT

So sorry this happened to you! I also had Permalip implants placed - the bottom was visibly lopsided and drooped and my plastic surgeon also told me in was due to swelling still. I finally demanded to have them removed after one month... READ COMMENT

Are you swabbing your incisions with the vinegar/distilled water mixture? I was instructed by my doctor to do that every few hours and if the area became scabbed over to just soak it until it came off. Don't pick at it though! READ COMMENT

They look great! Are they still as plump or has some of it been absorbed already? READ COMMENT