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By the way I did mine twice, 2nd cosmelan 1... done a year later... Ist round at a dermatologist, 2nd time... at an aesthetic doctor Here only doctors allowed todo cosmelan. READ COMMENT

You definitely look better! Brighter! Although the melasma patch Still there....a lil lighter though Pls be patient and keep applying cosmelan 2 twice a day and hydra k a few mins later. it will get better and better And in 3 or 4... READ COMMENT

Thanks! Cosmelan has been a life saver... although the pih is not completely eradicated. Also I have to use it at least once or twice a day... otherwise the pih returns.... The cosmelan we get in Singapore called cosmelan amf...... READ COMMENT

Hey thanks so much for the reply.... Will head to him soon.... And will write review.. to share and help others too:) READ COMMENT

I have used cosmelan... 1 and 2 It is very effective... and safe I suffered from very severe PIH... post inflammotory pigmentation after a after a raiofrequency gone wrong session... the technician was inexperienced and technique... READ COMMENT