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Cant Come Soon Enough Last Breasts Are Literally a Pain in the Neck

I wish I had started this journey years ago instead of waiting until I was 42 there are a lot of things I would like to have done for instance getting married in a church in a wedding dress not in reg office in a trouser suit there was no way I would have had the confidence to walk down the aisle with everyone looking at me. Enjoying nights out with my husband instead of going into a panic... READ MORE

Questions from cuttiepie

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago. Could movement make an internal stick has swelled up and pulling a bit?

Up a few centimetres from the horizontal incision I thought the tape was too tight and the skin was pinched but when I looked closer it is like a little crease and like a dark... READ MORE

Pain after breast reduction. Should I be worried? Is it Mondor's disease?

I had breast reduction surgery on the 1st December for the past week I have pain in my ribs now today there is a hard line going down from the side of my horizontal incision... READ MORE

Why do you think the doctor made such small incisions underneath there is still a lot of volume ? (photos)

Why do you think the doctor made such small incisions underneath there is still a lot of volume I am 5ft and 113 pounds I still feel top heavy I recovered really well and fast... READ MORE

Side boob problem 3 months on

I was done in Ireland on the public health system I did not have insurance or the money to pay privately. so when I go back for my 4 months check up I am going to mention the... READ MORE

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Yes I will be 12 months on the 1st December I am very happy with my right breast but the left is still bigger and around the nipple feels jellyish so I don't know if that will go but it is still slightly more full, I am glad I have... READ COMMENT

Hi how are you, I will be watching to see how you get on in September I have my 9 month check up the end of September I am hoping my ps will also have some answers for me as I have one breast much bigger than the other and my areolas... READ COMMENT

Wow you sound exactly like me one minute i love them the next i catch a glimpse of myself and think that they are still not how i wanted, i went to rome this summer on a weekend break with my daughter something i would never have done... READ COMMENT

Good luck for tomorrow hope you are as happy with your results as I am with mine, just back from a weekend in Rome the first holiday that wasn't spent feeling conscious of my breasts and what to wear. READ COMMENT

I healed practically in a couple of weeks I never used arnica or any other supplements I took the steri strips off when I got really itchy it was a great relief, I never had any bruising or openings, when I took of the steri strips... READ COMMENT