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Taking a Lot More Sessions Than I'd Anticipated or Budgeted For! - Esher, GB

I had a new tattoo done in 2011 which I instantly regretted - it was a huge forget me not on my stomach in bright blue with some white/yellow and white in it. I also had a very old tattoo that I had done in 1997 which is all dark blue. I'd already had laser treatment x 2 sessions on the one on my back. Also, I'd had a small butterfly which had had x2 laser treatments about 4 years ago and... READ MORE

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Would you treat someone with PicoSure 6 weeks after a C Section and 2 years following 6 months chemotherapy (FOLFOX)? (photo)

I explained my medical history (6 weeks post c section, 2 years post colon cancer (extended right hemicolectomy and 6 months chemo). Despite this, I was told it would be fine... READ MORE

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Thank you ! I'll definitely try the remescar. It does seem to be fading still, but I feel a long way to go despite the 6/7 picosure treatments...I'm going to book in with Wayne this week. READ COMMENT

I totally disagree with you on this - I think Trueskin in Esher don't really know what they're doing. Plus they introduced the Pico Plan a few months after they started offering Picosure laser treatment so suckers like me forked out... READ COMMENT

Thanks for the tip on the aloe vera, I'll get some and try that. Also, do they use the cold air on the area whilst performing the picosure? If you have lots of cold air it does help a little with the pain (but not much!). Anyone who... READ COMMENT

Hi there - in terms of aftercare I was literally told to keep vaseline on it for a few days and then leave it to heal. I've been doing this after every treatment for a year now, but when I read that you've been doing all these other... READ COMMENT

I really don't think Picosure can lift a tattoo 100% and you should always be made aware that you will be left with some scarring and there are no guarantees. I feel I was not fully informed about Picosure and a lot of the before and... READ COMMENT