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Labia Plasty Experience – London, UK

Since I was about 15 (so for 11 years now) I had always been so self consious of the appearance of my vagina. I considered surgery but was too scared and I tried everything I could in my power to learn to love how I looked. I never had a boyfriend comment negatively but on the occasions I had sex or was naked in front of another I would freeze up and just feel so embarest. I was only... READ MORE

Questions from Tabbycat111

I wanted clitoral hood reduction and my labia to be trimmed to match. What was removed from the clitoral hood? (Photo)

I asked for clitoral good reduction specifically for as much as possible removed without causing any serious issues. I also asked for labia minora reduction so that my lips... READ MORE

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It looks better now and yes a lot has been removed but compared to what it was before it's a small price to pay. The swelling is to do with my clitoral hood and this will reduce in time and it has done a lot. Just some days it gets over... READ COMMENT

Hello, Your English is fine don't worry :) Well I can't say a definite yes or no right now. The reason why is my surgeon said I am healing very slowly so I still have not seen my final result. It could be 4-6 months until I can see the... READ COMMENT

Hello, no I don't think that is the same surgeon. Thank you. It's a big step and I'm willing to see it through to the end to get the best result I can even if it means a second operation. I am glad I have had it done because I have... READ COMMENT

I had my surgery in February and my appearance is ever changing. I am not really happy with it at the moment but what I am hoping is that I still am not at my final result. I have an appointment with my surgeon coming up and I am going... READ COMMENT

I'm good thanks still a bit sore. How's your recovery going? Yea yesterday it looked great from a standing position and the overall swelling seemed to have 'deflated' lol. But today it's all swollen again so I guess it's still one step... READ COMMENT