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Want a BBL, Need a TT, ARM LIFT. Separated Mother of 4 Girls Need to Get my Body Back ASAP. So Ready!!!!!!! - Dominican Republic

So ready to look the way I feel!!!!! It's time to do me I have 4 baby girls and I need to be a put together woman for they and myself. I love this website. I think I'm a little bit of a stocker. My man be like you looking at A$$ again LOL! Anyone who has had a TT, BBL, ARMLIFT AND LIPO please... READ MORE

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Love that you that you are conscious! My doctors tried to make me tie my tubes after my first, second, and third child. But y? I didn't even inquire about it. I never wanted my choice to give life taken away from me even tho i know she... READ COMMENT

Yes ma your page is giving me life READ COMMENT

Hey I'm going to Almonte I'm looking to go in April. I haven't paid me deposit yet . But my taxes will be here in a few weeks. Let's link up and see what we can plan. TT and bbl my package is for 10 days. Ckmjng from DC READ COMMENT

Wow happy for you. You sound like me. What I do know is that it will feel so good to do something for yourself. Wishing you well. Can't wait to see your update. READ COMMENT

You are amazing with all the important information you post regarding this journey. It is so needed. I to am looking at both Robles and Almonte. Just wanted you to know it's not all on vain! READ COMMENT