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Lipo and Breast Augmentation to Fix Asymmetry

It's finally happening - I am going to get lipo and breast augmentation. I am getting lipo on flanks, lower and upper abdomen, pubis mons, and just a teensy bit on the inner thighs. Why? Because the flanks and ab fat will NEVER go away (I've been skinny and working out a ton, zero change - I... READ MORE

Tumescent Lipo

I have several areas if stubborn fat. I am a twin and she had the same issues. Thanks mom! I am going to have lipo to correct. I will be about 12 pounds lighter when I have it, so I will update my review pre-op so you can view more accurate pre-op pictures. Please note that liposuction is a... READ MORE

Botox So I Never Get Old - Beverly Hills, CA

Dammit all - I'm aging! It's snuck up on me but time to start doing what I can to stave off wrinkles! I have wrinkles on forehead and crows feet which he did a great job minimizing while ensuring I didn't look frozen - so important! I have fab results - natural yet well done. See pics and review... READ MORE

Questions from PinchPoke

What can be done for asymmetrical "different" looking breasts? (photo)

My breasts look different. One is bigger and hangs lower. They have different shapes. I spoke to a doctor who is quite skilled and he said that I could use implants to enlarge... READ MORE

Can asymmetrical boobs "even out" with a Breast Augmentation and a good Plastic Surgeon?

One of the things I wanted most out of the BA was reasonable symmetry. I recently found out it exacerbates asymmetry, however. What would you recommend I consider (lift, etc)... READ MORE

Preventing Stretch Marks After Breast Augmentation?

I will be getting a BA soon to correct moderate boobie asymmetry. I anticipate the formation of new stretch marks. As i understand, science has not yet developed away to "mess... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about a lift?

If I get a donut lift, they take off the WHOLE nipple and then reattach it right? Statistically what are the chances of it "Falling off" from not healing? I don't have great... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid (blepharoplasty?) complications. Which are the most common? (Photo)

I have fat pads under my eyes that are not the result of aging (they are more severe than a 33 year old should have) and am considering having the fat repositioned to fix it.... READ MORE

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Girl you look fab-u-licious!! Congrats!! Why did you rate it not worth it?? READ COMMENT

I had trouble fully inderstanding everything because i dont know many medical terms, but I am so sorry for all your suffering. Best wishes for speedy healing!! READ COMMENT

Be careful! Beverly hills docs are not better - just pricier!! READ COMMENT

Ps your pics look great! READ COMMENT

:-) i hear it is scary for the fiest couple months... A lot of eople wonder why they did it and wosh they hadnt. As healing takes place they tend to do better :-) off chance you feel you need revision, Dr. Timothy Marten in SF is one of... READ COMMENT